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An Attitude of Gratitude Experiment 2.0 Day 85

Today started early… First, I couldn’t sleep so I got up at 5:30 am. I was out the door by 7:05 for an early meeting. I worked all day on lesson plans to begin Semester 2 with a new batch of students and did several parent/teacher conferences before leaving the school building at 7:00 pm. I got home and snarffed down some salad and a peanut butter sandwich as I walked over to a RS Presidency meeting. and now it is 10:00 pm and everyone is in bed as I type this blog post.

Today I am grateful that I got to start my day with scriptures and a conversation with God. Today’s study was a good reminder that the scriptures will help us to remember what we need to know; the scriptures will teach us what we need to do as we serve in the kingdom. Today’s study was a good reminder that world is rippening for the harvest. Rippening isn’t a bad thing… okay, over ripe might be, but ripe is not. A ripe piece of fruit is at it’s nutritional best. It the field is ripe, if the world is rippening, it would mean that the best of the best is ready to hear the gospel… the most nutritious of God’s fruit is ready for the picking and for the nourishing of all of His children. Today’s study was a good reminder that God extends callings, not because people are perfect, but that the experience is perfect for them and they are just right for the experience. God’s only “perfect” or “one completely free of faults or defects” one called is the Savior. The rest of us He calls for the experience. However, when you look at the meaning of perfect as “having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be” or “absolute or complete,” then we are perfect for the calls He calls us to do. This applies to parents and children, to prophets and nursery leaders, to RS presidents and bishops. Everything God calls us to do is meant to help complete us – to perfect us.

Today I am grateful for a long 48 hour fast. I am grateful that I stayed calm and peaceful and didn’t really feel hungry until it was time to go home. I am grateful for the health benefits of fasting. I am grateful for the way fasting helps me to strengthen my reliance on God.

Today I am grateful that I was able to establish 11 Google classrooms and finished all the lessons for this week for those classroom AND posted them.

Today I am grateful for the inspiration I got in creating the PSP lesson today. Nearly all of my students interacted – 2 turned on their cameras, 4 turned on mics, and all but 2 participated in the chat. It was a WIN!

Today I am grateful for Jeff who did rehearsal all by himself today because I had parent teacher conferences to do.

Today I am grateful that I could serve a teacher friend in need and led a meeting for her.

Today I am grateful that although I was dressed nearly all in black, the car that came screaming into parking lot and nearly hit me, stopped just in time… inches away from me. I just to my truck and looked up to the moon and thanked God for sending angels for stopping that car just in time and I didn’t have to call Stephanie and tell her I wasn’t making it to the meeting because I was in the ER. Today I am grateful that God id a God of miracles.

Today I am grateful that John made dinner. I left a recipe on my desk and when I stopped home between things, it was done on the table. It was super tasty… Buffalo Chicken Salad. We’ve never made it before but this will definitely need to be repeated.

Today I am grateful for a short excited conversation with Lilli. It was fun to talk to her about her day and about the dating ideas she came up with with Jocie. They have some fun ideas. I hope they get to try some, if not all, of them.

Today I am grateful the service I am called to do in RS. It is still not my favorite, but I know I am learning and growing through this experience. Today I am grateful for the lovely chat I had with Sylvia that helped me get to know her better. Today I am grateful for Stephanie walking me home and standing in the cold to chat.

Although it is now nearly 11:00 pm, I am grateful for the opportunity to blog and think through my day and to express my gratitude. Truly. God is good.

What are you grateful for today?

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