An Attitude of Gratitude Experiment 2.0 Day 86

Today I am grateful to for my scripture study time before I headed to work this morning. I am grateful for the reminder to think about the worth of every single person. Clearly, every life matters… to me and to God. The worth of each person is worth enough for Christ, the Redeemer, to give His life. The worth of each person is enough that God the Father was willing to give His most prize possession, His Only Begotten Son, to ransom each person and to redeem each person from the gates of hell. The worth of each person undeniable and undebatable. It breaks my heart that so many would like to divide people, claim some lives are more important than other lives; that some people are not worthy of any price to be paid. Today I am thankful for the opportunity to ponder the worth of each soul to me… how much is it really worth to me in terms of time, effort, and money to see that each and every person has every chance to not only hear the gospel, but to feel loved. Each person is worth giving up sleep to help. Each person is worth taking the time to listen. Each person is worth my praying for their health, safety and well being. Each person is worth the benefit of the doubt. Each person is worth the my time. Each person is worth my labor and sincere effort. Each person is worth money spent. Each person is worth getting involved. Each person is worth a caring and loving friend and family. Each person is worth the extra trip and the extra mile. Each person is worth getting home late. Each person is worth perceived inconveniences. Each person is worth meeting a temporal need. Each person is worth enduring adversity and trial. In truth, each person is worth everything! The best life we can live is a life that makes someone else’s life better.

Today I am grateful for the reminder that I too have worth. I am worth repentance. Repentance isn’t a punishment. Repentance is the path to JOY.

Today I am thankful my first classes of the semester seemed to go well. I was happy to “meet” new kids and to get reacquainted with students I have had before. I am thankful that many of them said, “thanks. I had fun.” at the end of the class period. Today I am thankful that both IAs that came to my classes said they loved the lesson and that the not only learned something, they were interested and entertained.

Today I am thankful that the few conferences I had went well… one with a student who is struggling and one with a student who rocked 1st semester. I am thankful that all of my PSP students so far have said they love PSP; that it is their favorite class and they look forward to attending the class. That is a win! I wish the admin knew. I need all the “ammo” I can get to stay teaching. Being the bottom of the totem pole scares me. Not only do I want them to keep me, I want them to make me full time!

Today I am thankful that I could make dinner quickly when I got home. Today I made a yummy salad with romaine lettuce, chopped celery, carrots, green peppers, radishes, tomatoes, cucumbers and vegan sausages. It was super tasty with a little bit of dill dressing and croutons… Oh and I snacked on provolone and naan as I made dinner and had honey toast as a lovely dessert. It hit the spot after a 23 hour fast.

Today I am thankful that Lilli and her friends stuffed the bears I have already sewn so I can sew up their butts and post them on Etsy. I sure hope they sell. I’d really like to see this business work… for my sake and for Lilli’s.

Today I am thankful that Lilli has good friends who help her stay sane in a crazy world.

What are you grateful for today?

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