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An Attitude of Gratitude Experiment 2.0 Day 87

Today I am grateful for a study in the scriptures that reminded me that we all need to place more confidence in the word of the Lord and less trust in the wisdom of humans. Why is it we care so much what other humans think? Why is it that we let the fear of criticism from others keep us from truly loving God? Today I am thankful for the reminder that contention is of the devil… even if we are in the right. I was reminded in my scripture study that God expects us to PLAY NICE!

Today I am grateful that I was able to update most of my lessons for next week.

Today I am thankful for Jeff who came out to join me for the walk around the track at lunch in the wind and raindrops. It was suppose to be a staff thing sponsored by the Sunshine Committee, but I started walking by myself and then Jeff joined me. I am thankful I wasn’t alone.

Today I am grateful that we got the news that we can go into the building and film on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. It’s been a long time. We are all looking forward to ending this project and starting our next project. Today I am grateful that we also got the news that the district is giving the go-ahead for our Spring Play… STARMITES! We have a plan to rehearse and film it all outside on a school playground. I am so excited about this next project.

Today I am thankful for a small but fun work Zoom party where we revealed Secret Valentine stuff. My friend Lauren was my Valentine. She gave me the coolest Dragan fruit plant. I hope I can keep it alive.

Today I am thankful for left overs for dinner. Sure made things easy this busy evening.

Today I am grateful that the people I love who I sent a distance hug through a hugging bear from Lilli and my business Give-A-Hug Bears, loved their bears. Fetu and Lagi called me to thank me. I should of snapped a picture. McKay sent me this picture of Tatum all dressed up in the pj pants I made her and the t-shirt I sent snuggling the bear I made her for her birthday.

The pants are more like capris, but at least they fit on her bootie. And I love that she love the bear. I sure miss her sweet little face.

Today I am grateful for the wake calls from Lenayah and Beckett. They crack me up. Today I am grateful that they called me this evening for me to read them a Fancy Nancy book as a bedtime story.

Today I am thankful for Lilli’s good nature, even when she doesn’t feel good… and I am thankful for her “fancy friend” who tries his best to help her feel better.

Today I am thankful for the few minutes I got to chat with John. Our life sure keeps us busy.

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