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An Attitude of Gratitude Experiment 2.0 Day 95

I need this today. It’s been a rough day. I didn’t sleep well. School was rough. A teacher friend died this morning unexpectedly. I got my second COVID shot and now I feel gross and my arm is on fire and hurt and I have a solid headache.

Today I am grateful for the peace that comes through Christ.

Today I am grateful for good friends.

Today I am grateful for Lilli getting burgers for dinner when I didn’t want to cook.

Today I am grateful for my friend Josh who has worked all day to get my video files to convert. He even went back to the school to repair some issues.

Today I am grateful so time to sew. It was a welcome distraction.

Today I am grateful some to giggle at my parents and my siblings on a Zoom call. I am also thankful for my sister Jana. We met to celebrate her 50th birthday. She is an example of a tender heart. She is super talented. She has the most beautiful eyes. The world is a beautiful place with her in it.

What are you grateful for today?

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