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An Attitude of Gratitude Experiment 2.0 Day 101

I’d say there have been miracles.

Today we tried our first live and Zoom RS meeting. It wasn’t a smooth experience. However, I am grateful that things eventually worked out, even if it meant I left the meeting, went home, and ran the slides from my office. I am grateful for the ladies who agreed to share thoughts about the beginnings of RS and about journaling. I am grateful for Stephanie and her mom who decorated things nice. I am grateful for the people who came in person and who came in Zoom. It might not have been a technology success, but it was a learning experience and I think it was beneficial for everyone who came.

Today I am grateful for the focus I was able top have today that allowed me to teach my one class AND finish the video part of editing Frozen. Now I only have a little more to do… transitions, scene change music and 2 sound effects, and the credits, before I format it and send it off to the company to be downloaded for screening. I sure hope people support these kids and buy a ticket. I am super proud of this project. It’s not like it’s stellar art, but in many ways it is… The artist hearts of these kids warms my soul. There are very few places in the world that are my happy place. A theatre is definitely my happy place… that and my own little corner in my only little chair and my porch office.

Today I am grateful that Kimber took an assignment for my RS thing. She did a fantastic job. I am so proud of her!

Today I am grateful I sang with Lilli. I loved seeing her have an “ah-ha” moment!

Today I am grateful for coming home and hearing some laughter over a phone call and what seemed like somewhat pleasant conversation.

Today I am grateful for Jeff who took time to help lots of people today but didn’t tell me he was too busy to help me find some things for Frozen.

Miracles happened today. Most so small they could easily be over looked. God is a God of miracles.

What are you grateful for today?

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