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An Attitude of Gratitude Experiment 2.0 Day 107

Today I am grateful for an OPENING NIGHT! We started Frozen Jr in September, rehearsal outside in the all kinds of weather, PAUSING 2 days before we were to begin filming from November to March, and then filming the whole show in four days. It was just over 40 hours of editing film from 5 cameras with 3-6 takes per camera. But today we dragged a red carpet outside. We had individual sparkling ciders for the kids and desert. They arrived in fancy outfits and I filmed the “Red Carpet Event” for Facebook Live. We had a little trouble with the streaming, but those kids sure had a blast. It was all worth it to see themselves give each other a standing ovation.

Today I am grateful that my partner in crime ran around getting the stuff to make our “Red Carpet Event” so awesome for the kids. He has a extra big heart.

Today I am thankful for our building principal who came to cheer on the kids. She is an amazing support.

Today I am thankful that family got tickets to watch the premeire.

Today I am thankful that I can share this experience with Lilli. She is an amazing young lady with more talent than I have ever had.

Today I am grateful for Lilli who was brilliant at auditions for our next productions. Not only did she knock it out of the park but she stepped up as a person too. She greeted and helped new kids at auditions. She noticed a young lady struggling and helped her calm down and finish her audition. She cheered loudly for everyone. While others ignored or looked down on many, she stepped up and volunteered to go first and then volunteered to help others. Her heart matches her talent and I am grateful.

Today I am thankful for the encouragement I receive from my co-workers. I have much to learn, which I work hard to do, but it is nice to have others tell me I am doing well once in a while.

Today I am thankful for calorie free Ice with a splash of caffeine. Long days like today, I need it!

Today I am thankful I am thriving during an unscheduled extended fast. I have such a small eating window. When my days are too long I don’t always get to eat before it’s too late. Eating late means I can’t sleep. I’ve been choosing sleep.

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