An Attitude of Gratitude experiment 2.0 Day 115

Today I am grateful that Lilli and I traveled safely to Klamath Falls to visit McKay and family. It was a little scary for a portion of the drive. We were not prepared for snow and ice. We drove about 20 mph for about 40 minutes over the pass because the black ice was insane. We didn’t get to the Maxey house until about 40 minutes after we planned. But we arrived and were safe.

Today I am grateful for the energy to help out at the Maxey house. It started after we drove out to see their new house property. I was sure I could smell yucky diapers, so after we got back to the house, I cleaned out McKay’s van. I found them, plus I did a quick vacuum of the car and throes away trash. Then, McKay mentioned that if I was looking for smelly things I could find what was yucky n her refrigerator. It turns out the the refrigerator had basically been turned off. A cooler when camping may have been cooler. I cleaned it out throwing away yucky food and used bleach water to wipe it down… and I turned it back to it’s normal temperature. Then I just kept going around the kitchen. I wiped down the cabinets, the walls and scrubbed the floors and chairs and table, and counters. Today I am grateful my knees held up. Today I am grateful I had the energy to be helpful… at least I hope it is perceived as being helpful.

Today I am grateful we got to go to “California” for Lilli to tease Jordan. We just drove to the boarder and took a picture Of Lilli behind the sign.

Today I am grateful for tasty Mexican food McKay introduced us to.

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