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An Attitude of Gratitude Experiment 2.0 Day 166

Today I am grateful for a few moments this morning spent in the scriptures.

Today I am grateful for a good day at school.

Today I am grateful that both of my rehearsals seemed to go well. I do have fun directing and teaching kids.

Today I am grateful that Stephanie held the RS/Ward Activity I planned together. I don’t have a functioning committee, so I ended up doing most of the planning. Stephanie set it up, kept it all moving this evening and took it all down because I didn’t get out of work until 8:35pm. I am also glad that John helped with his booth and that the YW and YM manned a few booths too. I am grateful two ladies were willing to teach container gardening and the ukulele club played songs around a campfire for entertainment. John says around 45 people came and that it seemed like everyone had a great time. I am grateful that God stepped in and performed miracles.

Today I am grateful for Lilli. She is working hard and learning to work through long tough days. I am proud of her.

Today I am grateful for Jocie. She is interested in learning to be a stage manager and is ROCKING it. She wants to learn more about directing and writing too. She is funny. When she finds a new interest she is all in. I am grateful to have the opportunity to teach her while she is interested.

Today I am grateful that Jocie went and got me dinner. Without her grabbing ,e a burrito I wouldn’t have been able to eat today. I was reminded earlier this week that eating after 7pm is a bad idea.

Today I am grateful that it didn’t rain on us during rehearsal.

Today I am grateful for the teens who are volunteering to help with Applebox.

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