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An Attitude of Gratitude Experiment 2.0 Days 175 and 176

I got home super late last night and today. I was too tired and too emotionally spent to write yesterday. Today I am tired, but I am willing to write.

Today I am grateful that I have a job. I admit, some days are hard. Today no one showed up to my 2nd period on line class and only one came to my in-person 2nd period. I’m pretty sure kids are done with this year. It’s going to be a bit painful to drag them over the finish line. At least 1st and 3rd periods went okay.

Today I am grateful that it didn’t rain on filming of Starmites. Yesterday we could only film for about 40 minutes because of the rain. Today we had to start over. Today I am grateful that it went much better!

Today I am grateful that John was willing to bring Lillian socks and to help get Kimber to where she needed to be.

Today I am grateful that a guy who is a sub at work has been helping with filming while the real film teacher is out. He has been great. The current film teacher is leaving. I wish this guy would take the job, but he is looking for a job in a different town. That’s a bummer.

Today I am thankful that Lillian and Jordan brought me some food to filming. It’s been harder and harder to succeed with intermittent fasting lately. Maybe once school is done, I can get back on that horse. For now, the stress is too high. I can’t fast like I used to.

Today I am thankful for sweatshirts. I am grateful I had left one at work a few weeks back and it was available for me today. It got chilly on the film shoot.

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