#bethelight – Day 13

I admit... it was easy to succeed in ending gossip with me yesterday because I went to church and then I did things at home with the family.  I will have to continue to work on this goal throughout the week. Today... Today I will spread light and joy by learning the names of all… Continue reading #bethelight – Day 13


#bethelight – Day 11

Yesterday I wrote a letter to a friend who is serving in the military thanking them for their serving. Who did you thank? Today, I am still enjoying a little R&R and do not have my computer at my disposal. I am having a little difficulty attaching pictures to my blog posts, so forgive me.… Continue reading #bethelight – Day 11

Thought Tuesday

Be the GOOD!

I've been thinking this for a few days. It is easy to get caught up in believing there is no more good in this world.  All you have to do is to look around a little and you see tragedy and despair from all corners of the globe. There is good! You see.  Last week… Continue reading Be the GOOD!