Scripture Sunday

Celebrating the Great Life Giver

Many years ago I learned of the heroic efforts of Oscar Schindler, a compassionate man who attempted to rescue a doomed race of people.  Schindler made large amounts of money in his factory in Krakow Poland providing enamel-ware for the Germans.  He used that money to buy the lives of hundreds of defenseless Jews.  To… Continue reading Celebrating the Great Life Giver

Warrior Wednesday

A Warrior sees the Divine Design

Yesterday I read talk by Elder Ronald A. Rasband entitled By Divine Design. As I read I couldn't help but think how a Warrior understands the Divine Design, embraces it, and lives it. In this talk he talked about how there are no "coincidences with God... things happen by "divine design." Now, that is not… Continue reading A Warrior sees the Divine Design

Scripture Sunday

“I Will Go and Do…”

Today I have been thinking about an old scripture mastery... I think it may still be a scripture mastery, but I'm not sure because I am no longer teaching seminary.  This scripture may be the first scripture I ever memorized... way back when I was in seminary. "And it came to pass that I, Nephi,… Continue reading “I Will Go and Do…”

Scripture Sunday

Look Beyond What You See

I have been living and breathing the story of Lion King over the past few months.  I had the honor of directing Lion King Jr at a local school.  I cherished the opportunity to bring to life one of my favorite stories... a story full of symbolism and meaning... a story that strengthens my faith.… Continue reading Look Beyond What You See

Scripture Sunday

Blessing or Burden

I've been thinking all day about the burden that comes with agency.  I've been thinking about the price that comes with agency. Agency is a priceless, sacred, eternal gift.  Agency is the power to think, to choose, and to act for ourselves. Agency presents endless possibilities and opportunities.  Attached to these possibilities and opportunities is… Continue reading Blessing or Burden

Scripture Sunday

The Gift of Love

One of the greatest rewards of surviving the sleepless nights of night feedings, the sleepless night of worry, the sleepless nights of “talkative” teens, and the sleepless nights of wondering how to pay for that mission, wedding or college is the joy of being a grandparent. I love making faces at little Freya and getting… Continue reading The Gift of Love

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The Gift of the Holy Ghost

This past Christmas we gave my daughter a new cell phone.  This phone can help her to keep in touch with her parents.  This phone can give her knowledge when she has a desire to search.  This phone can guide her when she needs direction.  This phone can help her to stay connected to things… Continue reading The Gift of the Holy Ghost

Warrior Wednesday

A Warrior is Wise

Yesterday the dear prophet and president of my church passed from this life.  For 50 year of my life, nearly all of it, this wise man has taught me much.  As I looked through a collection of quotes from him this morning, I realized that many of my "quests," my mission in life, have been… Continue reading A Warrior is Wise

Scripture Sunday

The Gift of Repentance – The Parable of the Pen and Shane the Sheep

Today I gave a talk in Sacrament Meeting today.  Here it is in all it's glory... To introduce my subject I decided to write a parable... the Parable of the Pen... and Shane the Sheep (no relation to Shawn the Sheep). As inspiration for this parable I look to John chapter 10 where Jesus makes… Continue reading The Gift of Repentance – The Parable of the Pen and Shane the Sheep

Scripture Sunday


So much to think about today! Today I taught a lesson in Sunday School about symbolism.  We had a great discussion.  The kids were very engaged.  I will talk about what we talked about in another blog on a different date.  But I do want to address symbolism. I have been fascinated with symbolism for much of my adult life. Symbols… Continue reading Symbolism