Theatre Thursday

Little Mermaid 

For under sea scenes the Sail flies up and the sea moves up too.  We also made “coral” that moves into place with the help of sea creatures.  We turned a rolling kitchen chair into a large shell throne

The sea “flies” down again for land scenes.  It “hides” behind the set structure.  That way, when the sea rises we look a little like we went “under” the sea.
Ursula’s Lair is my favorite.  The sea “flies” up and we lower a rag drape to give it a cave feeling.  The eel on the right is Hannah.  She is pretty creepy.
We transformed another rolling kitchen chair into Ursula’s throne with black fabric and dryer hoses spray painted purple and blue.  It too is pretty creepy.
We resurrected the cool fish heads from Seussical the Musical.  All the Sailors double as the fish guard of Triton’s court.  Starmite costumes, Cinderella costumes, and old Dance Team costumes all make an appearance.  The costume designer is a student.  She did the costumes as her senior project.  An army of mom’s helped her put them all together.
We stacked a bunch of stuff in the corner for Ariel’s cave of wonders.  Too bad the picture is a bad one.  You can sort of see the coral we made though.
One of my favorite costumes/props are the jelly fish.  They put rags on umbrellas made of lace and put battery operated lights inside.  They look really cool.  Too bad my phone doesn’t capture their look.
A parent helped make this cool boat.  It rolls around nicely.  I also used all the reeds we made for Honk.  I love recycling set pieces.  I think I only spent $250 on the set.  Not bad if you ask me.

I added “stars” to the Lagoon scene in Little Mermaid.  It’s cheesy, but hey!  What do you want?  It’s a cute show.  Saturday had a few issues with sound.  I think we had a batch of bad batteries.  They wouldn’t last long and they were hot when you took them out to change them.  It’s time to get new ones.  hopefully this week we won’t have these issues.

I also taught my daughter Hannah about the basic rules of lighting design.  I did the first 6 cues with her and then turned her loose.  She has programmed about 60 cues so far. She still has a few left to go.  I will have to help her do some clean up, but she is catching on.  I’m excited to see all of her lighting ideas when she is done.

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