Theatre Thursday

Set Designs for the Summer CET 2012

The Park play rehearsing in the gym at Howard Street Middle School.
Performing in the Bush Park.  A new acquaintance designed and made the costumes.  She is amazing!
Kids and volunteer parents made the crazy flowers we hung on the back.
The park stage was a little smaller than we thought, but the set adapted easily.
The tree I made worked out great.  It was sure funny to see the giraffe “peak” over the top.
This show really was a joy to work on.
It performed in the park July 20-22.
Hannah and my friend, Megan did most of the painting for me.
All this was accomplished in 3 and half weeks.
At the beginning of week 5 my second design hit the stage.  This particular piece had flaps that created three different looks: the Candy House, a tree in the forest…
… and a Veggie house.  I had a parent that didn’t speak English well and didn’t have many skills ask to help.  He sat and made millions of little  peas as the siding of that house.
My friend Michelle made beautiful flowers across the back drop.
I tried to get this one to pop up like a pop up book.  I wasn’t very successful because the cardboard was to heavy.  Still, anything lighter couldn’t handle the pressure.  Oh well.  At least I tried.
This show performed at the Salem Public Library from July 24-26 and then moved to the Broadway coffee house for a performance on July 27.
The library had 10 flats.  We could only use 4 at the coffee house.
The library was hard because the lighting is bad.  They use Par cans and wouldn’t let me refocus nor re-gel them.
I finished my final design on July 24… 4 and half weeks after I started.  Music Man Jr performed July 26-27 on South Salem High School Stage.
There is very little wing space on this stage.  I had to use reversible wagons to create a train look…
… and the town look.
I used a pivot plate to transform a house for Marian the Liberian from inside to…
her porch.
Once again, the space had poor lighting abilities.  I am spoiled at Central when I get to play there.
My favorite piece on this set was the Candy Shop.  I successfully painted a window with a candy display that Lillian said looked real.  🙂  some people are easily impressed.

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