Theatre Thursday

Bank Geeks 

I helped with a production of Band Geeks at the local high school.
I actually have been working on a book to teach high school students about the production process.  The book covers pre-show jobs and responcibilities, rehearsal responsibilities, performance responsibilities, and post show responsibilities of a production team.  It isn’t a very good book.  I get constant reminders of the mistakes and typos in the book.  There just wasn’t anything out there that taught what a director, designers, etc do before a show even begins blocking.
A person can find all kinds of books to teach acting, basic tech, theatre history, etc.  However, there really isn’t anything that teaches how a production really comes to life from conception through strike.  So I try.  It will never go past this group of kids, however.  I don’t write well enough for that.  They make sure to let me know that.  LOL.
As part of the “process” students are assigned to “design” the set, lights, props, costumes, publicity, and sound.  Some do a better job then others.  There are times that my friend and I have to step in and pick up the pieces.
Band Geeks speaks to me on so many levels: the underdog rising to the occasion; struggling arts programs; acceptance of those who are around you; stepping out of your box and allowing yourself to shine; embrace who you are no matter what others think.
It was a good show for high school kids to work on.  Sets were simple.  Costumes were fun (from the 90’s). Props were easy to find. The band was live and full of life.  It was fun and upbeat.
It isn’t very well known so attendance was low.
The lead lost his voice and my friend had to sing the role backstage accept for the final performance.
There was drama backstage.  I think drama should be left on the stage… not taken off stage.  The drama nearly did me in… nearly killed my love for the theatre.
Yet in the end I was super proud of the product.

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