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A Little Catch Up in January 

This has been w VERY busy month!  Thus, the month is now over and I am just getting to reporting on what we did.  Lame excuse, I know.  but at least I am making an effort.  🙂  Here is what is keeping us all so busy.  We are doing more than one show at a time.  Crazy.   I know.  But it just happened.
We started working on Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (to be performed at the CHS at the beginning of February.)  It’s a big undertaking.  There are lots of pieces to the set.  Rather than a pink candy boat, I decided to go with a giant newspaper boat.
It looks st great!  One small problem.  When you put 9 kids in the boat, it won’t roll anymore.  Gah!  besides, 1000 pounds adds up on those little castors and the OompaLoompas can’t put it.  LOL  Today is a tech day.  We will have to see if we can change the design to see if we can get it to move.  At this point, I’m even considering taking the pumpkin off the carriage and putting the boat on instead.  That would mean that there would be wheels on the outside and I really wanted it to look like it was floating across the stage.
That didn’t work either!  GAH!  So far, the weight of the kids is too much for wheels to handle.  At this pint we are going to have to take the shell off and put handles on the inside and make the kids walk it across the stage.  Bummer.
I brought the turntable back for this set as well.  since it was poorly instructed the first time, we took it all apart and started over.  I love that it rolls easily and quietly.  So, to build it in such a way that we didn’t have to flip an insanely heavy platform, I had my help build the frame on the floor around the pin…
… and the put the deck on.  I still don’t understand way it wasn’t build like that in the first place.
Then we build a bridge on top of it….
We faced it and build stairs off the sides.
We also made flats that we cut like jars and painted giant candy on them…
It took much longer than I thought it would… that always happens to me.
We did have a casualty as we were hanging the 16 foot jars on a baton…. John walked into the bar.  Rang his bell a bit.
But once they were in the air they looked great!  While kids were dancing the night away in the cafeteria, John, Scot, Jeff and I finished these bad boys and got them in the air.
We also built, painted and hung a Wonka gate…
My favorite set piece (and may even be my favorite piece I’ve built ever) is this moving junk pile. We see this side when we are outside the Bucket house….
… and we see this side when we are in the inside of the Bucket house.  I really wanted to use corrugated tin.  I was pleasantly surprised that a parent had some on their farm!  I looks great!  He even had on old rusty motorcycle.  I also love the shape of the bed.  There is just enough room for all of their butts to fit across the back.  Their feet all stick out the foot board.  It is very comical.  I choose all grays because I wanted Charlie’s life to look lifeless until he his the chocolate factory.
Mean while, John got to visit McKay and Myles, and his family in Utah.  I think it’s funny that the older they get, John and Mark look more and more like each other.  Seriously, it’s weird.
I sure miss McKay.  I really don’t like to travel… so I wasn’t envious of that.  However, I was very envious that John got to see her.
John also visited his parents.  They were in a car wreck in December.  John’s mom broke both of her legs.  she was moved to a rehab center after surgery to hold her leg together.  John enjoyed helping out for a couple of days.  He stayed at his parents helped too…
Hannah and I have been crazy busy with Les Miserables rehearsals.  This is a picture of the model of the set that Tony Zandol designed.  We taped the foot print to the floor.  I was assigned several scenes to block.  It’s like herding cats to get 45 people on and off and around that little set… but I manage.  This past week I managed on my own.  Robert was gone with his show at Howard Street Middle School (I did cart all out Little Mermaid stuff over to his school for that so you might be able to say that I made another set in all this chaos).
Hannah is doing a great job with her role as Eponine.  It’s hard to believe that she just turned 16 on Monday.  Hey wait!  That means she can date.  Not sure how I feel about that. (She is dying in the arms of a cute boy in this picture).
I also created this set for the Pentacle Theatre fund raiser A Star is Born.  I made 3 trico curtains and knotted them and hung them so that they bunched.  We found net Christmas lights and hung them between them.  I built a platform to seat performers on.  I got a chandelier for the theater and the bushes that were used in Secret Garden.  It turned out great!  I keep hearing that people were impressed.
I then was able to use lights to change the color and look of the set and performance.  Hannah’s choir also performed for the 4 show run.
Meanwhile, while I am running around being creative, people at home have been holding down the fort They are so good about doing chores and stuff, but they haven’t killed each other… they are even playing nicely.  John got them a game system that they can play together.  It seems to be working.
Lillian has been doing very well.  She is getting her school work done.  She helps me with Case.  She is keeping her room clean.

She gets herself to and from her dance classes and responsibility.  Really.  She is doing good things.  She may even be the only person doing chores.

Chad is back at school. He works out all the time.  He’s on a bulk right now.  That means he eats tons!

Hannah finished her first semester of school as a sophomore.  She is pretty excited because it looks like she has earned all A grades.  As mentioned, she goes to Les Miserables rehearsal in the evening each M-Th.

I think Lillian mostly suffers from missing Ben and Kimber.  Everyday she begs to Skype them.  She even plays with toys Ben would play on because she misses him.  Case was playing on this little rocking horse and went flying over the top and bloodied his nose.  opps.
Chad is often found doing this.  School is wearing him out.  Hannah and I dream of the day we can do that in a couple of weeks.  🙂
I think we all look forward to Sunday when we Skype with McKay and Myles and Kimber, Ben and Ray.
The most exciting thing of the past couple of weeks is that McKay and Myles announced that they are adding to the family.  We are all super excited.  The new Maxey is due right when my summer show is opening.  GAH!  Talk about timing.  I guess we will just have to make a trip out in September when the show closes.

Originally posted 25th January 2014 by Wendy Boyack on Resigning as the General Manager of the Universe powered by Blogger.

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