Family Friday

August Report 

We got the family pictures back that John Hatch helped us take when McKay and Myles came for a visit.
These are a few of my favorites.
It was tough to get Lenayah to smile that day.
The re-creation of the traditional “kid” photo.
The first weekend of August most of the family hopped into the truck and the new Honda and took off to Utah for a visit with family.
The first stop:  Bend and an awesome sunset.
Got to love this old house.
The next day they headed through Idaho toward McKay’s house in Logan.  I thought it would be cool if they stopped and took a picture in front of as many temples as possible.  Instead, I got drive-by pictures.
They had fun visiting MyKay’s family.
Papa john was left in charge of the babies… risky!
They even got some snuggle time in.
They celebrated Chad’s birthday on his real birthday.
And the attended the Logan Temple…
They went to the Logan Zoo…
They played in McKay’s yard.
Then they packed up and went to eastern Utah to visit dinosaur land with all the Boyack cousins.  Everyone was brave because they had to take 2 cars and Kimber, Chad, and Hannah all had to drive on freeways.  They all lived.
They stayed near Dutch John….
and went rafting the next day.  It was a fairly quiet river.  They got to water fight though.
Kimber and her kids got to visit with Ray’s grandparents.  She wasn’t up for the river trip.
Kimber and Lilli exercised every day…
John took Lilli and a cousin or two to the water park.  His phone went for a swim too.
Then the packed up and went to Heber Valley to some girl’s camp and stayed in cabins and played games and went on zip lines and stuff.
Ben met a new friend…
Ben even tried the zip line…
Lilli walked across this scary bridge…
Kimber tried it too…
These guys didn’t know they had to wear pants and only brought shorts.  The people running the camp offered to let them borrow these stylish pants.
Not sure what is with this “selfie” crazy… but that was all the rage.
After the camping they all went back to Springville to take family pictures…
On the way home they stopped in Salt Lake to see two our favorite missionaries who were now home.
meanwhile, I stayed home and went to Addams family rehearsal.  This was my view for the week… Dani on her phone…
… ancestors stalking the leads…
… and this crazy game of speed dating I ask the cast to play so that they could get to know their characters better.
It was peach season.
Hannah went with me and we picked peaches.
Then we canned peach salsa and regular peaches and regular salsa from the tomatoes in my garden.
The only rain all summer came for 15 minutes while we were canning outside…
It soaked us.
We loved our letters from Lanae while she was in Utah at the MTC…
And when she got to Iowa.
Lilli went to girls camp.
We said good bye to a fun missionary.  God speed Elder Walters.
John went with some friend and packed into Mink Lake.
I stayed home and taught lessons… and I got a sub license.  Now I can get paid to take Witt’s classes at the high school.  🙂
John took the girls to see Wicked.
Hannah helped me prep for my Seminary Super Summer Activity by filling water balloons with water and shaving cream.
It was a success!  The following day I had my fireside.  I have now met with 18 students.  not a bad turn out.  We will have to see how seminary shakes out when school starts.
After my activity we went to Autumn’s wedding.  It was sweet.  Nice to see her finally get married after being with Jason for 19 years.  May her next stop be the temple!
We celebrated Freya’s first birthday!!!
So that was the month.  There was a ton of coming and going… I stayed home.  It got lonely after a while, but I got used to it.  We are now about to start Hannah’s senior year in high school.  Lilli will be a 7th grader.  Chad will hopefully get a job soon.  I didn’t have very much to say this time because I didn’t go on any of the adventures.  Hopefully the people who did go will record what they thought and what they did for some posterity to read about one day.
originally posted 31st August 2015 by Wendy Boyack of Resigning as the General Manager of the Universe powered by Blogger.

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