Family Friday

July Report 

Time to report on July!  July started just right… with a visit from McKay, Myles and Lenayah!  They drove from Logan, Utah to plays with us for the 4th of July weekend.  We don’t get to see them enough.  That is for sure.  Lenayah wasn’t sure what to think of most of us… well, mostly me.  She learned to be friends with Hannah, Lilli and John when they went to visit in March.  I was a stranger.  That’s ok.  Someday she will be big and think I’m a nice grandma.  I can be patient.  On the first day they were here they stopped at CET to say hi to me and then traveled to my house to play with family while I finished my CET work night.  Kimber and McKay made cute skirts for the baby girls.  They worked great as a headdress as well.

  The family did the traditional Flag Raising breakfast on the 4th.  Sadly, there were no good cinnamon rolls because Sister Burton and Jo Tapasa were not able to bake this year.  Good thing we had great treats at home.  Then we headed to the curves to watch the big parade.  We made our own shade. We sat by the Jessops and John Hatch and his family joined us.
Ben was not impressed with the squirt guns so Uncle Myles and John Hatch would “save” him from in coming water.
These two are now friends.  Aren’t they CUTE!!! Yummy is a better word!
We went to the park and watched Lilli dance.  It was super fun… especially when John and John Hatch and McKay joined in the dancing.
John dancing in the park… (saved for when Kimber gets it on Youtube)
Ben made some crafts at the park.
Ben and Lilli went in the Jumping bouncy House… half of Kimber did too… to get these pictures.
Then we all went to Kimber and Ray’s house for food.  Ray made great burgers and grilled corn.  We ate until our tummies hurt.
Lilli got in the pool with the babies… Lenayah was not impressed.
Lenayah thought the pool was much more fun from this vantage point.
 Ben took Papa John across the road for a walk.

 Then we headed to the river for the fireworks. Lanae and Chad took Lilli to the rides… (I’m a lame mom and only had enough cash for one ride, but it’s better than nothing and Lanae and Chad were nice enough to take her)… we met up with all the Tapasa girls.  Fia was in heaven.  Not only were there babies… theses babies were family.  Look out Mo.  Before you know it we will be cooing over YOUR babies.  It was fun to see Fia get to catch up with McKay.  They have been best buds for a long time.

I loved having Lanae join us in the evening.  Her family went canoeing earlier in the day but they got back early and she got to hang out with us.  Fireworks were fun.  The walk back seemed long because John, Lilli and I walked at Ben’s pace.  We left first but we were the last back to Kimber’s house.

Chad and Lanae worked on checking off Lanae’s Summer Bucket List before she went into the MTC the last week of the month.  Apparently, it included make overs.  Chad did Lanae’s make up.  She did Chad’s make up… ummm… Son, you were not cut out do be a make up artist.

Chad also spent time at Kimber’s house playing video games with Jacob and Ben.
Lilli, Hannah and I went to CET every day.  If you want to know more about CET and all I do there read this blog post… CET 2015
Lilli had dance class, choir class and make up class.  She was also in the production of Honk.
I taught Tech classes and was the Tech Director for the program.
Lilli was Grace, the royal chicken in Honk.  Hannah was a TA for this production.
I worked with these great artists and teachers…
… and Hannah worked with these fun TAs.
I decided to order $2000 of cardboard for CET and Central to share.  I am not a fan of cardboard, but I will admit that it is cheaper than other set materials.  Sadly, it was to arrive while I was in Salem at CET.  I needed help to unload although I paid for it to be delivered inside the building.  The gospel is a remarkable thing and the missionaries saved the day.  I gave them a call and they said they would help.  I called John Hatch and Chad and they said they would help.  I called a few student and got 2 of them to help.  They all came to the high school and unloaded the truck by hand and stacked it neatly in my storage bay.  These guys ROCK!  Saved my bacon for sure!
This year Hannah was a TA for music classes not in Tech Hall.  I really missed her in Tech Hall.  I think she missed Tech Hall too.  Maybe I will get her back next summer.
I got my Thespian award in the mail.  On the day I was suppose to get it at the international Thespian Conference I was at CET.  They had a ceremony for me.  Silly friends.  The plaque now hangs in my living room.
Lilli’s CET choir sang around town. She also had a couple of classes perform at the Fine Art Night.

 On the last day of CET I got a small break to run home for a minute.  I was just about to tell the girls to get in the car to return to CET when the phone rang.  Chad did not sound like himself.  Something was definitely wrong.  I had just seen him and Lanae minutes ago.  “Mom, we are in a car wreck on Riddle Road.”  “I’ll be there in a minute.”  I threw the phone at my bed and ran out the door yelling at Hannah to call people to say I was going to be late and to find a way for Lilli and her to get back to CET.  When I drove up to the scene my heart sank.  It did not look good and both Chad and Lanae were still in the car.

I parked and ran up the street.  Chad got out and said Lanae was pretty shaken. She had been in a really bad wreck in the spring and this was hard.  I told him to put Lanae in my truck and to come right back.  A little while after that the police and fire people came with an ambulance.  Both Chad and Lanae did not need treatment at the scene.  What a blessing!  They were sore for several days after that.  This is what I can piece together after talking to the other driver, witnesses, police and Chad and Lanae:  Chad and Lanae were driving north on Riddle Road, like they were heading to Dallas.

 At the intersection of Riddle and Hoffman roads, a lady turned left, across traffic off of Riddle onto Hoffman Road.  The witnesses said she wasn’t looking, that she was looking down.  She said he was in her blind spot. (how? I don’t know since he was on coming traffic and that should be in the big window).  Chad didn’t have time to stop and to avoid her.  He couldn’t turn to the left because there was a line of cars behind her.  He couldn’t turn to the right because there was a line of cars at the stop sign.  All he could do was hit her.  The witness said she saw both Chad and Lanae scream and Lanae reach across and honk the horn.

I got all of the other driver’s information from the police.  She avoided talking to me and to Chad.  Sadly, it turns out that she didn’t have insurance.  She had just bought the car from someone that said they would carry the insurance, but the insurance company says they don’t have a customer nor policy numbers that match what we were give.  In fact, we got two different companies and policy numbers from 2 different police officers.  Good thing we have uninsured motorist insurance.  Meanwhile, it looks like the BMW is a goner.

  Chad sees the chiropractor.  John and I got a new-to-us Honda for Chad and Hannah to drive.  I sure hope we can get some of those expenses back from someone.  The lady got a couple tickets… one for careless driving.  I had John call the police officer to report the insurance information as false.  She may be getting a bigger ticket now.  Who knows.  Chad didn’t receive any tickets.  It was clear that the other driver was at fault.
Chad wasn’t a fan of driving for the next week or so and convinced Hannah to drive him around to spend his last few hours with Lanae before she was set apart and headed to the MTC.  We all went to Lanae’s farewell talk.  It was about family.  Sure love that girl.  I’m going to miss her… not as much as Chad will though.  She will be a great missionary.  Let’s see, we have until January 2017 until we can giggle at her silliness again.  She is a keeper!
July proved to be the hottest July I remember… several days over 100 degrees.  I am not cut out for that kind of heat.  It is now August and I am enjoying a partly cloudy 72 degree day.  Oh the joy!  I miss my rain.  It’s been TOO LONG!  This has been an odd year.  Things are changing.  I think Bend may have had more rain than the valley did this year.  Even the mountains and lakes are showing the strain of the drought.  Detroit Lake is more like Detroit Pond.  Sure hope we break out of this.  I also finished off the month prepping for Seminary.  This will be my 12th year teaching.  I do love that calling!

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