Family Friday

Catch up – July 

 What is a July in Monmouth without a parade, fireworks at the park, working a concert at the park, never sleeping, CET, and a road trip.

This year my favorite part of the parade was Ben.  He was so impressed with every thing that rolled by.  He was concerned that the people throwing candy was making a mess.He seemed so happy to be there and with all the people we loves. After the parade we were treated to a great picnic and Ray and Kimber’s house before I went to work at the park.

This guy was my favorite part of working in the park (although the bands this year were pretty good too).  Look real close.  He has a guy mowing the lawn tattooed on his bald spot. BWAHAHAHAH!
Then, of coarse, my summer was complicated by working at CET once again.  It is one exhausting job!
This year I had the greatest TA!  HANNAH!  I love working with Hannah.  She is a fantastic worker.  Even better, she got paid to do what she would have most likely done anyway.  She did great teaching sections of class.  She even cleaned up after others well.  One of the other TAs let some kids dump 6 gallons of paint on the sidewalk. (He wasn’t paying attention and the dumped over the paint cabinet while moving it). She spent the afternoon power washing the side walk.  The nice thing is that now that she’s in she will have a guaranteed job for the next 2 summers…. maybe more if she were to get on teaching staff.
Lilli got into the Park play this year.  She was a dancing alligator.  She was super cute!
John and I went on our first road trip since we were first married.  I know.  Crazy.  Traveling without kids.  AND we went in style!  The Honda Chad was driving died. We were lucky enough to get a used BMW for less than $1300.  John put in a little elbow greasy and now it drives like a dream… with air conditioning!  The only thing it is missing is a cup holder, so John was my cup holder.  The kids thought it was a fake hand holding my cup.  LOL. It’s always been on my bucket list to own and drive a BMW.  Sadly, the trip was my main chance to drive the “fancy” car. Chad now drives it.  However, he better not get any ideas.  It’s my bucket list car.  Sure hope he takes care of it better than he took care of the Honda.  🙂
This is are reason for a weekend road trip… the beautiful Lenayah Maxey joined the family.  She had a bit of a rough start and spent some time in the NICU.  Her mom and dad were stressed but handled it in great faith.
Lenayah is a miracle.  God answered many prayers.  We are so blessed that she is here.
It was hard to leave them behind.  But soon after we got home Lenyah was able to go home.  Now her parents get to enjoy their sleepless nights in the comfort of their own home.
Ok… one last thing.  As we were driving through eastern Oregon I couldn’t help but laugh.  The mountains in eastern Oregon are like the Naked Mole Rat version of the mountains in western Oregon.  Seriously, I don’t think even weeds can grow there.  LOL.

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