Family Friday

December Report 

John’s sister Lisa and niece, Felice came to see Chad off on his mission
We started off the month of December saying goodbye to Chad as he headed off to the mission field.  He is serving in the Lansing Michigan Mission.
Getting to the airport was quite the adventure.  It started by staying up until the crack of stupid getting Chad packed.  After a couple hours of sleep, we loaded the gold Honda with all of Chad’s stuff and headed to Portland.  We were headed to Salem when we discovered a wreck on the highway.  John’s phone said it would take an hour to get through, so we turned around and headed up through McMinville.  I was driving… rather flying down the country roads as John and phone guided me through countryside I have never seen before.  Chad was a little worried.
I got us to the airport just in time.  I dropped everyone off and went to find parking.
It was so weird to watch him go off by himself through security.
We had quit the adventure getting him there.  But God blessed us.  For example, we made it to the airport even though Suri said we would be 20 minutes late… we were not in the car wreck that blocked traffic on HWY 22… we were able to find back roads  through McMinville and we had a little adventure… we didn’t run out of gas and made it to the service station on the way home… we didn’t become “that car” when the Honda died on the Marion Street bridge because we were able to coast into West Salem and I was able to strong arm it into a side street when we lost power steering and power brakes… We were by a Les Schwab so John and Hannah were able to walk over and get a battery and although that wasn’t the whole problem it did allow us to get home… We didn’t have to pay big money to have it fixed because Ray came and fixed it with John (new alternator) in the stormy weather… I was able to get Lilli to a doctor for an x-ray and although they scared her with the mention of surgery, our friend and chiropractor was able to help her and her foot is getting better… and I was able to finish all my cues for opening night and Hannah was able to get her college applications in before the midnight deadline.  It was a long day since we all didn’t get sleep getting Chad packed the night before.
McKay and Jonathon met him at the airport and he spent a few hours hanging out with them.
Elder Garardo (served in Monmouth) came to Logan to visit and they all did a temple session.
John and Chad hung out and talked and talked.  Chad they didn’t get much sleep.  He was pretty nervous in the morning.  He wanted to throw up.
But some of John’s family met them at a restaurant to send him off… and these great guys did too!  All the boys that he grew up with, who have stuck by him came… and Elder Gibson (served in Monmouth).  When he called to say they were driving up to the MTC they were following him down the road singing and screaming “Call to Serve”.  I am grateful for these boys.  They are a big part of why Chad had the courage to return to gospel activity and to serve a mission.
The day we dropped off Chad I got a weird message from a random stranger asking if I was Chad’s mom.  I must say, GOOD JOB ELDER BOYACK!!!! He was already a missionary.  She sent me some pictures of out the plane and told me how she was impressed with him and could tell he were a believer in Christ.  She said he was so nice to sit next to on the flight and that she hoped his mission was great  and she added that he was going to be great at it because he was already doing what he was setting out to do.  That made my day.
While Chad was in the MTC he got a chance to “teach” investigators.  This one turned out to be a “REAL” investigator and committed to baptism.  Chad was so excited!
He liked his mission district…
The MTC was hard but he learned a ton was took off for Michigan by December 16.
Meanwhile, Hannah and I worked on Suessical the Musical at Central High School.  She played Gertrude McFuzzy… the bird with the one feathered tail that is in love with Horton the Elephant.
She throws herself into every performance that she approaches.  She is a joy to watch.  I sure hope she gets into a program that will refine her talents and enhance her testimony.
This was her last musical with one of her best friends, Jacob.  He decided not to do the winter musical.
I was responsible for lighting and sets.  I love to create the look of these shows.  I will blog further on this fun set next!
Funny thing… I was using the restroom between shows on Saturday and noticed the big puddle on the floor.  I got a little close to the plumbing as I inspected where it was coming from and got a big face full of water.  It was clean.  it came from the wall.  Not the toilet.
Then we started all the Christmas Concerts.  This was Hannah’s last Christmas Concert at Central High School.  Bitter sweet.
This group of Seniors have been a great force in this community.  All great kids.  I will miss them in a few months.
They have some very beautiful music.  One song even featured brass, organ and drums.  It was quite dramatic.
As a part of Main Street, Hannah was gone many nights performing Christmas songs…. at The Oregon Gardens…
… at a couple local churches.
… and even at the school board meeting.
Because Hannah and I were busy with all her performances, John and Lilli went to the ward party alone.  Lilli entertained the ward with the other YW.
The other big event of December is the visit from the Maxey’s!  We loved having McKay and Myles and Lenayah visit…. even if we all shared in the germs and took turns feeling sick.
These two loved to play the piano together.
We went Christmas shopping.
The dogs played.
Lilli got a Doc Who dress and high heels.
I am not sure what we were thinking but I only have this picture of opening presents.  It was a bit of a lean Christmas, but everyone seemed pleased with the gifts and love that we shared.
One of my favorite moments has to be watching the little cousins be besties.  They were so cute together.
The other high light was getting to chat with Chad on Skype.  It was so fun to see everyone’s reactions to talking with him and seeing that we was doing well.
The Maxey family headed home and we were grateful they made it home safe because the weather was pretty nasty.  Meanwhile, we prepared for the new year and rang it in with oriental food.  Hannah had Reba over and Reba’s exchange student too.  Ray and Kimber came to enjoy the food.  Then I was tired and went to bed.  That happens when you feel old.
Lilli hurt her foot at dance.  I took her to the doctor and they said nothing was wrong.  Thankfully, Dr. Marc was able to help.  She was dancing by the new year.  Thanks goodness.  She would have driven me nuts if she couldn’t dance.
Well, that’s a wrap, of the month and the year.  2015 was a great year.  I’m looking forward to what 2016 brings.
Originally posted 11th January 2016 by Wendy Boyack on Resigning as the General Manger of the Universe powered by Blogger.

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