Family Friday

January and February 

Ireally am slacking getting some kind of record of what happens around here.  I am mostly dragging my feet because all my kids complain that I blab.  they don’t want me to share stuff about them.  However, they forget… They are what happens in my life.  Without my kids there really isn’t anything to report.

This is all the snow we got this year.
Have to admit we were a little disappointed.
At least Ben and Lilli had some fun.
Hannah was on Snoball court
She went to the dance with Forest, Will, Reba and Dylan.
She actually won and was the Snowball Queen.
Hannah and I worked on Bang Bang You’re Dead at school
It was a great performance.
Chad continues to serve his mission.  He got to be a part of someone getting baptized.
In February, Hannah and the choir had Caberet.  Hannah performed in several numbers.
Hannah went to Utah twice to audition for BYU and Utah State.  We know for sure she did not get into BYU, still waiting on Utah State.  We do know that she is accepted to Willamette and that she has a great scholarship there.
Hannah and I worked on Once on this Island all of January and February.
Hannah and a few of her friends qualified for the State Thespian competition in April.  I was a judge at Regionals.  Hannah was not in my rounds.  but I here she did well and the placement proves that.
Hannah performed a song in math class with her two friends, Sarah and Dylan.  Mr. Brunning hired them to serenade his wife for Valentine’s Day.
I worked a few elementary school concerts.  It’s impressive to see 300 kids on stage.
The kid in the lizard suit was my favorite.
Some how I did not get pictures of Lilli in January and February. I should do better at that.  Her months were the same too.  Like me, her life is rather dull.  She does school.  She goes to Talmage for Choir.  She goes to dance.  John goes to work and does a ton with his calling.
That is about it.

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