Family Friday

The March Report 

It’s been a good month around here.
Hannah is one month closer to graduation.
She experienced her last Academic All Stars Assembly.
She earned a spot on the “soft chairs” and the famous hard covered thesaurus that a few teachers signed.
She has been successful in keeping a 4.0 each semester of her high school career.  One more to go.
The next hand shake will be in a cap and gown.
Kimber tried out some new hair.
Ben got outside and survived his game free week.
Freya was happy to be outside because that is where she is most at home.
Ben and Freya came over to play lots and made cookies and stuff with Papa.
Lilli sang in her Spring concert.  She had a small solo in on of the choir pieces.  She did a great job.
Case came to play one evening. Case was surprised that we still had a piano, bedrooms, and the yard.  He then noticed the fish… he wanted to name them.  Let’s say we couldn’t keep those names.  LOL.  (ask John about that conversation).
Freya and Charlie are the greatest of friends.
Hannah and Dylan both won Districts Solo Competition.  They are both going to the State level on April 30.  Hannah also advanced in the NATS Musical Theatre competition.  She is now in the first video round of the National competition.  Then Dylan went to California for Spring Break.  See my previous post for how that went.
During Spring break Hannah went bowling with John Hatch.
She still needs work…
We all went to John and Laura’s house for dinner.
Hannah tried to break up the stress of filling out scholarship applications with a tea party.
We all went to the coast for a couple days.  Hannah attempted to play Frisbee with John on the beach.
Freya played too!
The beach was lovely and relaxing.  We stayed at the Esther Lee Inn.  It’s an old cheap motel right on the beach… cliff.
This is the view of the beach from our rooms window.  Hannah is on the left.  Lilli is the middle.  John is on the right.
Kimber and the kids came and played on the beach with us.
We lucked out and the sun came out.
We also found a great playground on the lake in Lincoln City.
Freya found the mud.
John played with the foam.
John and Lilli played on the rocks and explored all the tide pools.
We went to the Christmas store.  Hannah found Mecca!
We went to the 60’s Cafe.  We played cards while we waited for our food.  We also tried the advertised “hand dipped” shake. We asked what that meant.  They didn’t know.  A few weeks later I learned that it meant they used real ice cream.  Who knew?
My cheery tree blossomed.  Spring is here.  I wished McKay was here to enjoy the flowers for me.
Chad’s mission is going well.
We likes serving in Michigan.
We had the chickens dye our Easter Eggs.
Lilli hid eggs in the yard for Ben and Freya to find in the rain.
Lilli’s chickens think they are pets.
Well March roared in and out in a flash.  It seems all days and months do that.  I get to the end of the month and I wonder what happened. Soon, there will only be one kid at home.  That will change how much happens in a month.  John and I are pretty boring without kids around.
Originally posted 10th April 2016 by Wendy Boyack on Resigning as the General Manager of the Universe powered by Blogger.

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