Family Friday

January 2015 Report 

We started January with a surprise visit from Felice and Joe.  It turns out that Felice now lives across the field from us.  She is on an exchange program and somehow ended up at the exotic school known as Western Oregon University.  LOL.  Joe had helped her limp her way to Monmouth.  Her car broke somewhere in Idaho.  John and Ray spent a few days helping to get her car back on the road and to get Joe up to the airport to get back to Utah.
We miss these silly faces.  Thank the Lord for Skye and cell phones and Facebook.  Without it we’d lose touch of those we love!  It’s sad that we miss milestones like sitting up all by oneself.  sigh.  I guess I knew that when I had kids they would all eventually fly away bravely and make their own way.  It’s one reason I keep myself busy… I then don’t have to think about the fact that things are changing and kids are moving on…

We spent most of the month getting ready for Oklahoma! the musical at Central High School.  We couldn’t put the set on the stage at first because the stage was rented out to Pentacle Theatre for their fundraiser performances.  That gave me 2 weeks or so to get the set up and painted and light hung before it was time to tech the show.  I will blog about the process of creating show in a different post.

Hannah went to Snowball with a group of friends.  She stopped by the theater where we were working on the set so we could get pictures.  Lilli actually took this picture.  John took more pictures but didn’t share.  so this is the only picture I have of Snowball.  At least this dance I got a picture.  🙂

Ben is always good for a giggle.  He likes to play with our exercise equipment when he comes over.  He is very serious about his exercise routine… one most hold perfectly still in this exercise as one balances the push up bar on one’s head.  Silly boy!

I continue to help out at the high school in make up class and with a production class.  Lillian goes with me on many occations.  The high school students are jealous because she is better at this than most of them.  LOL

The silly kids at the high school often snag my phone and I get a plethera of selfies.  I really enjoy those kids!

Finally, I spent most of my evenings rehearsing for Pentacle Theatre’s production of Young Frankenstein… that is when I wasn’t at an Oklahoma! rehearsal.  My responsibilities include blocking a couple of scenes, tracking tech needs, organization, and note taking.  I’m pretty busy.  🙂

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