Family Friday

October – a month late and several dollars short 

The month of October was a busy one!  Mostly, we were busy with school, the school play, school activities… hey… that’s a lot of school.

Hannah was one of the honored students at the Academic All Star Assembly.  This is how the school encourages kids to get good grades.  Sadly, most of the kids are board… even the kids that are honored find the whole thing rather lame.

I went to help with the Tech Theater Class.  We spent the month of October learning painting techniques and working on the set for Beauty and the Beast.

I mostly used sponging as a texture technique.  Most it the kids got it… some didn’t.

Reba’s mom painted this great Gaston painting.  I have now found a new person to do detailed painting.  Too bad Reba isn’t in every show!

I love helping with this class.  It’s a great outlet for me.  The kids are great.  This year is the first year that there are actually kids that interested in learning about tech theater.  It’s a refreshing change.

Lillian often will go with me and help in the make up class. That is a fun class too. It is awesome that there is finally going to be a stronger theater program at Central High School.  Jeff does a great job and I’m glad I can help him.

Lillian and Hannah were in Beauty and the Beast at the high school.  Lillian was in the chorus.  Hannah played Mrs. Potts.

Beauty and the Beast played for 2 weeks.  We had a couple matinees and photo opportunities for the crowd. You should have seen the crowds of little princesses and princes waiting in line for a picture with a “famous” character.  It was like Disney land.

Hannah loved this little guy – “Chip”.  They still yell, “Mama!” and “Chip!” when the see each other.  Goofballs.

Beauty and the Beast was very well attended.  I worked hard on the set and lights and getting all the tech elements under control.  I must say… It looked good.

Lillian got a new hair do… thanks to a few “creatures”.

Oh well.  It’s super cute.  She wanted short hair anyway.  I think I shocked people when I took scissors and started whacking away.  My friend Denise finished the job.  Seriously… It is cute and it fits Lilli’s personality.

I also worked very hard taking this….

… to this… (hand tying each little hair with knots)

… to this… not bad considering I haven’t made a mustache since collage.

Hannah went to several football games and sang the National Anthem with her choir.  She also went on her first date… Homecoming.  But she was a booger and didn’t get ready at our house and didn’t get any pictures.  Thus, we have no proof that she actually went with Sam Cole to homecoming.

In other big news… Lenayah turned 3 months old.

…and who can forget Halloween?  Kimber dressed up her family as a bunch of loggers….

… Lilli carved a pumpkin….

… Hannah and Sophia dressed up and Hot Rod and his side kick…

… and John dressed up in his “smartie” pants…

So, that rounds up the month of October.  Very eventful… even if I did a lousy job documenting how it all went.

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