Family Friday

The Week at the Boyacks – Week 11 

This week was one BUSY week.  Things that happened everyday: John went to work; McKay went to work; Chad went to cross-country practice; Hannah went to run spot light at Pentacle Theater for HMS Pinafore; drive Chad to Jamba Juice; and Chad finally decided to drive and insisted on driving 11 hours this week. 

Things that didn’t happened everyday.  Monday I canned tuna.  We bought about 30 pounds on the way home from camping.  McKay really wanted to take some tuna with her to New Mexico.  So canning we did.  Ben came to help.  He likes to do the dishes.  LOL
Tuesday McKay took Hannah, Kimber and Chad to the peach orchard to pick peaches.  Once again, McKay really wanted to take peaches with her to New Mexico, so we canned.
We almost missed our window.  It is a good year for peaches.  Our favorite varieties are already finished.  Still, we were able to get a couple of good looking peaches.  We did get a few green ones, but not as many as the year before.
Wednesday we canned 82 jars of peaches.  Not bad if I do say so myself.
Ben and Kimber came to help too.  This time Ben was caged… poor guy.  We had to keep him safe.  We had a lot of fire happening on that back deck.  Seriously.  We were hot!  Kimber came out and asked why it smelled like burning hair.  I looked around and nonchalantly said, “Because we caught the dog on fire.”  True story.  Charles, who loves me far too much, had been standing near us and caught his backside on fire on the crab pot burner.  The poor guy was still smoldering!  Thankfully, Kimber put the fire out.  I looked for clippers to give him a haircut… but I couldn’t find any.
Canning is a family activity.  Everyone had a job.  But the truth is, I don’t know how many big canning days are in my future.  Kimber never got into canning.  I know she could do it.  but it’s not her thing.  This is McKay’s last canning season with me.  I really don’t see her living near enough to can with me again.  Let’s say, the day was bitter sweet.
At least the memories are good ones… and even giving away jars to McKay and jars to Joanna and even a couple of jars to my mom, there are plenty of jars in the garage to help the memories come back.
AND with Chad on his diet, and John at work all day, those peaches will last us a good long time!
Ben eventually helped clean the kitchen with his mom.  Our operation is a smooth one.  We had 160 pounds of peaches in jars and the kitchen cleaned in 4 hours.  BAM!
We were tired!
Meanwhile, Chad played a little video games and showed Ben the ropes.
Case and I got some green beans and zucchini, and cucumbers from the garden.  We have a great garden this year!  We are so blessed!
Case is a big helper.  He loves to find treasures in the garden.  That day he took home some beans and strawberries to share with his mom.  He loves that.  I sure like my little rent-a-boy!
Chad is looking great.  Here he is in his cross-country team uniform.  He actually consented to a picture!  Can you believe it?Sometimes he can be a stinker!  I’m still trying to get him to let me get senior pictures of him.  Sadly, I might have to count this one.  The booger.  He also ran another race in Salem.  He did better this time.  And most important… he made the varsity team.  Not bad for a kid thqat couldn’t run a year ago.
John took Friday off and took Lilli on a little adventure… an overnight backpack trip.  The pack was bigger than she is!
They stopped and got some sunglasses and a hat.  With Lilli, it’s all about style.  Here are a couple of Lilli gems from the trip.  “I need to look adventurous and cool.”

Before John headed into the store… “Dad. Change your shoes before someone sees you.”

On the drive… “I’m so excited”… a few miles up the road… “I’m losing my excitement.”… on the bumpy road… “Real fast.”… in the parking lot… “Ok. I got some excitement back.

It took them 3 hours to hike the mile and a half… 2 potty stops… more potty stops… John carried her pack twice but then she wanted it back moments later… Sunglasses on and sunglasses off… hat on, hat off – he had to stow them for her.

After a little while the complaining started again, “I’m not having fun at all. Backpacking is not fun.  Just running around and climbing boulders will be fun… and fishing… And playing with the other kids.”  There was a lot of glaring. Sometimes John carried everything . They stopped every 17 seconds for a break.  Lilli was constantly talking. She insisted on taking the pack back even though John was going to keep it. At least, the chipmunks were entertaining. Stopping at every settable surface was entertaining.
Eventually, stops got shorter.. walking got faster.  “I am quite the adventurer! I take only important stops… well, now.”   LOL!!!

John would point things out.  “I can’t see.  I’m a little short if you haven’t noticed.  Dad, your legs are longer. Take shorter steps and fewer of them.”  As they climbed Lilli would yell out, “Careful! Use your hands to check for loose boulders.  I’m just trying to help my dad stay safe while climbing boulders.”  That night… “I’m going to list everything that hurts.”

They did a little of everything.  They drove.  They shopped. They hiked.  They fished.  They caught no fish.  They explored.  They pooped in the woods (Lilli was telling me about it on the way home from church and I’ve got her convinced that bears have to dig holes in the woods to poop too!) They climbed bolder piles.   They slept on the ground.  They had fun.
They climbed to the edge of a waterfall until John got weak in the knees and begged Lilli to come away from the edge.
Actually, my favorite story from their little adventure was about Saturday morning.  John was stretching.  You know.  A person can get a little stiff with a night sleeping on the cold, hard ground.  “Dad.  That’s nasty.”  “Why?”   “I’m not calling you an old guy, I’m just saying that because you’re an old guy.”  LOL.  sometimes she cracks me up!
Anyway, I think they had a great time!  They got back late Saturday afternoon.  Meanwhile, I had my annual Seminary Super Kick-off Activity in the morning.  I didn’t get as many students there as I hoped I would get.  The students that came had fun.  I have to admit, I’m a little crazy for a seminary teacher.  McKay came to help.  Hannah was my student.  Even Chad came up for about 30 minutes.  Then McKay took Chad to team pictures and she got home in time to try on the wedding dress.  Grandma Mabee came and it looked great.  Hannah’s dress fit perfect too!  Lilli’s dress is even done.  Now Grandma only has 2 more dresses to make.  McKay forbade me to post a picture of that event.  Party pooper.
That evening we all went to our last PARRTAY before McKay leaves.  It was the only time we could all get together before she leaves on Saturday.  John will be leaving on Wednesday for his next camping adventure.  Hannah has play practice starting this week.  Oh and she got a new part in the Little Mermaid.  She is now one of the evil eels.  Anyway, my point is that we are running around and this was the last chance.  We went to Los Dos Amigos.  We pulled up and McKay and I had flashbacks to when I did the Heimlich when she was 2 because she was choking on a dinner mint.
We all ordered food… except Chad who has incredible will power.  But he did grab the chips… “I call these. I’m smelling them.”  He didn’t eat a thing.  He only drank water.  This is why he lost 70 pounds.  His problem is that he will only eat what he can measure and has proof of nutritional information.  This restaurant doesn’t have that.
Even Ben joined in the dinner.  We ordered him his own rice and let him go to town.  He made a huge mess.  I like that restaurant.  They were pretty cool about it.  Sadly, we didn’t get a picture of John.  He was behind the camera.  After dinner we all packed up and went over to the Earl’s house for a farewell party for Jacob.  He leaves on Tuesday for his mission in Brazil.  It was good to say goodbye.  Now there are not many of Chad’s friends still around.  I kind of feel sorry for the kid… or is it myself?  With Jon, JennieLinn, Jacob and soon to be Dean all gone, he doesn’t have many “hang-out” buddies left.  I can tell he is sad.  I can also tell that he will be driving me crazy at home with no-one to terrorize the town with.
So that was our week.  Are you satisfied McKay?

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