Family Friday

The Week at the Boyack’s – Week 10 

It has been a full week. So full that I wasn’t’ around a computer for most of the week!

Monday was registration. This year Hannah has decided to give full time HS a try. Chad will be taking 4 classes at the HS. That will leave Lillian the only one at home for me to teach. Sigh. Things are changing.

We spent the morning at the HS getting pictures and ID cards. However, the longest chore was waiting in line at the counseling office. If you can believe it, Hannah didn’t have choir on her schedule. We had to make changes. Choir is the one thing she really wants! She now has English 1, Algebra1, Choir, Health 1, Physical Science, Cultural Geography, and a study hall. I wanted her to have time to do home work since she has never been at public school. However, we hear that study hall is not a good idea because it’s a lame environment. We will give it a couple weeks and make changes if we need to.

Pintrest… even at the beach
Chad has 2 choir classes, college Algebra (sweet! He will get college credit for that class) and weights. Sure wish I could convince him to take more. I’d love it if he worked harder on getting his driver’s license. Anyway, they are now ready for classes this fall.

Tuesday I helped out and worked registration. I sat all morning long at the Performing Arts Booster Club. I sat there all morning and did nothing. Emma Thurston sat with me and we watched Youtube on my cell phone. We talked to a couple people, but few people come to registration. I think the school needs to rethink this process. It was a waste of a morning for many volunteers.

Wednesday I taught a couple lessons and listened to Jacob Earl give me the speech on Cutco knives. Yes. I caved. Hey! I’ve liked those knives before but I could never afford them. But I have been saving up so cash and I got a small set. Really. I could use them. I haven’t’ had a sharp knife in the house in years. I spent the rest of the day trying to convince kids to get ready for the weekend camping trip. I was not successful.

It was chilly, but the weather was pretty good for flying kites.
Thursday I got up and couldn’t get anyone interested in helping find things or pack things. No one was interested in telling me what they wanted to eat so I didn’t go shopping. Chad didn’t get up until after noon. Kimber and Ray came around noon and put their stuff in the car. McKay helped some before she went to work. Hannah did most of the helping. However, after a while, I gave up and just waited for everyone else to show interest. They seem to forget that I wasn’t going camping for my pleasure. I was going camping for them. I packed up my stuff and waited.
Poor Ben had to bundle up everywhere he went.
Seriously, I can’t say that they were starting out being a lot of fun. Everyone was so CRABBY!!! Somehow, I drove out of town with Kimber, Ray, Ben, Chad, Lillian and all the dogs around 2pm. We rolled into camp – south Beach just outside of Newport around 4 and started to set up camp. It was cold! It was nearly 100 at home and the coast was in the low 50’s. What a shock. We started noticing right away all the things people forgot… toothbrushes, pillows, jackets… the final straw was enough sleeping bags! Gah! That left me, once again, with the sleeping bag that didn’t zip. I didn’t take my sweatshirt off all weekend!
Charlie barely made it back from his run with Chad.  Chad had to drag him back.  LOL.

Friday came after a long wrestles night. We moseyed around camp and even strolled down to the beach. Lillian tried to fly a kite. Kimber and Ray sat and watched the waves. Lillian got to ride on sand motorbike. Our camp neighbors had one down on the beach and offered to give her a ride. She had fun. Chad took Charlie up the beach for a run. He had to drag him back because Charlie is a lazy dog. Then Chad kept running the other way down the beach. Chad handed me the stupid dog. Charlie decided to chase a little dog that was teasing him and nearly ripped my thumb off! It sprained it pretty good. It hurt to do everything! I don’t know how creatures without thumbs function! Stupid dog.

Lilli and her best friend Charlie…. snoozing on the drive to the coast.

The walk back to camp took me a little longer than I wanted it to. First, I have trouble hiking sand dunes. You take a step and slide 2 down. Second, I was carrying a chair and a kite and trying to manage Charlie all without a thumb.

The visit to the Hatfield Museum.

Thankfully, John, McKay, and Hannah showed up just before dinner. John was a knight in shining honor and fixed all the things I didn’t get to and the things we had forgotten. After dinner, Shar and her girls came to roast marshmallows. Shar had to clean her former rental house in Waldport and her girls had gone to Sea Camp for the day. Shar and I had arranged for Leah to stay with us Friday and Saturday nights. We didn’t tell the girls. We just put Leah’s stuff in the tent. The girls were pretty funny when they realized they Leah got to stay.

We all live in a Yellow Submarine!

Saturday we were lazy in getting up. I stayed at camp while everyone else went to check out the Hatfield Museum. It’s free and it’s cool. I took the kids when they were real little. John had never gone. We had wanted to go to The Aquarium, but it was too crowded. The line wrapped around through the parking lot. We will have to plan a different day for that fun.

John liked the wild life…. I mean watching Ben.

Back at camp, Hannah started to play with the walkie-talkies. She started goofing off with Chad across the table, but then someone else started to answer her. She had a conversation with someone for a good 45 minutes. Eventually, she learned that they were camping in the same camp ground. They asked her name and I’m pretty sure they thought she said “Hannah Montana”. They asked what camp space she was in. Hannah started to freak out because they were coming to meet her. We waited. Pretty soon a pack of 6 year olds on scooters came up the road screaming with excitement that they had found C8! Hannah ran out to the road to meet “Zach.” It was so cute.

In love with Nemo and Dori.

The camp ground was more busy than most camp grounds we have visited. It seemed that most of the camp ground was reserved for family reunions. They people next to us had about 8 families in one stop. They even had the Sheriff come and tell them they couldn’t park their cars on the grass. They were pretty interesting. Here a couple of gems we heard from their very loud camp space…. “You kids must have left these boxes open and the crows ate all the muffins.” “No it was the raccoons.” “Are you back talking me?” Or “ You can’t ride that without shoes stupid. You’ll rip a toe off. Do you want a muffin?” “Does anyone have indigestion, heartburn, stomach problem? How about this. Does anyone want some candy?” All the little kids start yelling. “No this candy isn’t for kids.”

It’s fun to touch everything.

We also learned some pearls of wisdom from the playground. (we were camped next to the playground.) We were fixing dinner and I hear Lillian yell, “Cooties are just an excuse for boys NOT to date girls.” LOL. About 30 minutes later I turn around to see her beating the crap out of some little boy. “Lillian!” I yell. “What? I’m teaching him stage combat.” Thanks CET. LOL.

This octopus crawls out when they feed it.

I tried to be relaxed. I really did. Camping is just not my thing. At least I got some time in reading a book. I decided to try a nice political thriller… some Jack Ryan book. I’m having trouble getting into it. Too bad to. It’s a long book.

We came home Sunday and got ready for the long up coming week. We plan on canning most of the week. Sigh. Here it goes!

Best of friends.
Playing Ninja in the dark
Chad looked a little more freaky.
Hannah met a new friend on the walkie-talkie.
Zach is coming to meet me?
Hannah’s fan club road scooters just to meet her.
I think they thought she was more famous.
They wanted to come back the next day, but we were all leaving.
Look Mom!  Handles!
Camping Cuddle Buddies.

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