Family Friday

The Week at the Boyack’s – Week 9 

It has been a busy, yet a quiet week.  Actually…. I think it has been a perfect week.

Last Saturday, Hannah went to the stake youth conference.  They went to the Seaside area.  Those activities always include some kind of service project.  It is amazing how many times that means cleaning a cemetery.  She seemed to have a good time.  Then again, Hannah is happy no matter what she is doing.

Meanwhile, Chad spent a ton of time with JennieLinn.  By the looks of this picture he may be spending too much time with JennieLinn.  She posted this on Facebook.  All I can say is… good thing Chad is not a girl.
Lillian and Case played a ton.  Case hasn’t been too excited to come every day.  He would like it best if his mom just let him play all day at home.  That’s not going to happen anytime soon.  She needs to work.  Emma and Grace will be going to school soon.  Case just isn’t going to have a choice.
He usually is crabby for about 15 minutes and then he finds something to do.  It never stops being amazing the wonders of a box.  Seriously, when my kids were little I could have saved myself so much money and worry if I just gave them boxes to play with.
Tuesday, Chad and and Hannah went with the church youth on the joint activity to Foster Lake.  I know.  Shock.  Chad went to a church activity.  He seemed to have a good time.  He liked teaching Moana to crush cans on her head….
… and swimming in the water.  He even climbed the pole that is behind him.  He took all his own food so that he could stay within his calorie count.  He came home and stayed to watch movies at the Jessop’s.  He and Dean got in trouble for pitching apples because a couple of apples got in the neighbor’s yard.  The guy must be crabby.  He called the police.  Yvonne dealt with it.  I didn’t even hear about it until the weekend.
I could only find one picture of Hannah.  I wonder why that is.  She had fun too.  Both of them were very sunburned.  Chad was so uncomfortable that he didn’t do anything for the rest of the week.  He just laid around… in my bed… and took baths in herb oils and slathered himself in lotion to feel better.  Still, Chad is peeling… big time.  Hannah just looks tan.
Meanwhile, I didn’t do much most of the week.  I sat and enjoyed goofy movies and Mystery Theater and crocheted.  I like to crochet and rarely have time.  I put this delicate edge on a flannel blanket for my friend Steph and her cute new baby, Olivia.  It was a great way to spend the week.
Thursday, McKay and Hannah took a rode trip to Grandma Mabee’s house.  (If you are Myles, STOP reading this blog NOW).  Their mission?  To bustle the wedding dress and to make the jackets that will make the dress temple ready.
Grandma is much faster at all this than I am… besides, then she can help without leaving the comforts of home.  🙂  By the time I got lunch for myself, McKay had posted that Grandma had already made 3 jackets!  Two practice jackets and the long sleeve jackets had been finished!  Told you she is fast.
This is the back view without the bustle.  Really, we are pretty lucky.  We ordered the dress from some place in China and it came on time and it fit nicely.  We could not have even bought the fabric for that price… and it’s done!
McKay had to stand on the table for Grandma to work.
Even Hannah got to act as a model.
After spending most of the day at Grandma’s house, they had made good progress.  McKay’s dress was ready to bustle.  The jackets were done.  And Hannah’s dress was fitted and ready to be sown.  Then Hannah and McKay got in the car and drove home.  McKay had to work the next morning… opening.  She was super tired!
Home again, home again jiggety jig.
Meanwhile, Thursday night John took me to see Jersey boys in Portland at Keller Auditorium.  They don’t like you to take pictures in the seating area… even with cell phones.  They yell at you.  But we did try to sneak this in.  Too bad John’s phone doesn’t take good pictures.
I loved the music.  I liked the story.  However, when you drop the “f” bomb that much in one sentence it advertises your ignorance.  There were signs all over the lobby warning people of the language and calling it a “special effect” to give you that “Jersey” experience.  I don’t know.  Maybe gangsters in Jersey in the ’50’s did talk like that.  Still, just tells you how lacking they were in education.
I loved the Frankie Valley and Bob G. performers.  They were Fantastic!  Loved their voices!  Seriously, I could listen to them over and over.
On Friday, I took Hannah, McKay, Kimber and our friend Megan to see The Drowsy Chaperone in Portland at the Broadway Rose Theater.  I’ve always loved this show.  I proposed it to Pentacle Theater.  Most of the board didn’t know the show.  sad.  I think it would bring in the crowds.  After seeing this production, I am even more determined to propose it again.  It is the perfect show for all those who love musical theater comedy.
Kimber was so funny.  She laughter and laughed.  I think the people around us were laughing at her as much as they were laughing at the show.  One of the actors was a fantastic tap dancer.  Hannah said she missed tap after seeing that.  Anyway, it was a great experience and so much more up lifting than the show I had seen the day before.
On Saturday we puttered around the house.  John worked on putting in a railing and new steps on the front porch.  He also moved the large pile of dirt that came from the sidewalk project.  He was so dirty!
The railing looked great.  All that is left is paint.  John wants to paint it all white.  That should be a couple weeks.  He will busy for several weekends with camping and hiking activities.  Meanwhile, I got ready for canning season.  I went through all the jars and counted up what I had left and what I needed to do.  I think I will do some peaches in the next couple of weeks.  Maybe even some chicken and some tuna.
I also worked in the garden and went shopping.  At the end of the long day, John took me to see the new Bourne movie.  LOVED IT!  I think I might need to own that one.  I like that Bourne series better than I like 007.  Chad and Hannah went to a stake dance.  Don’t get too excited.  I know. That is two church activities in a week.  I hear he had a stalker.  Some girl asked him to dance a couple times too many.  Soon he was trying to move around the dance to chat with Keegan and asking his sister to dance to avoid her.  When they got home they had to chat FOREVER!  Parenting a teen is more sleepless that parenting a baby!
Today was Jacob Earl and Jenny Brewster’s farewell addresses at Sacrament Meeting.  Chad went to church.  People are so funny when they see him.  He has changed a lot since he stopped going to church.  Anyway, Chad is really going to miss this group of friends… Jon on a mission in Texas… Jacob heading to Brazil… and Dean got his call to Chile.  I sure hope he tries to keep in touch with them.  They have all been such great friends.

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