Family Friday

The Week at the Boyack’s – Week 5 

My foot all decked out with the brace.

Julie Mead gave these crazy crystals to help the swelling go down in my foot. Let me tell you, they work! I followed her instructions and put them in a bandanna and tied them to my foot. I covered it with a sock to make sure I didn’t kick it off during the night. In the morning, the sock and the bandanna were crusty hard! John had to help me get it off. She said it would be wet. Not. LOL. Best of all, it worked. My ankle hadn’t looked so skinny since I started having kids.

At any rate, I put the brace on and went to work at CET. After standing and walking up and down stairs all day long, my ankle still looked good and didn’t hurt. In the evening I went back to see Julie and she put some kinesiology tape stuff on it. This is amazing!

Meanwhile, John drove to Tacoma, WA to take Hannah to EFY. She’s been texting Chad and says she is having fun! Chad hung out at home and in the evening went to the movies with his “Mormon” friends.

Lilli had fun playing in the sprinkler after CET. I think the dogs miss her.

Lillian’s new shoes
Tuesday is a bit of a blur.  I got Lilli new shoes.  Her feet are too big for her old ones… Although she has a hard time giving them up.  We both went to CET all day… and into the night.  The sets are moving forward.  I am a little worried.  The first show performs next week.  YIKES!
Lillian’s first experience with fried ice cream and my former roommate, Amanda Johnson.
Wednesday a room mate from college, Amanda, came to visit with her family.  I hurried home from CET and was pleasantly surprised to find that McKay had cleaned my house for me and that Chad had left it clean.  SWEET!  Lilli enjoyed playing with her son DJ.  They had taken an Alaskan cruise and decided to drive through the NW.  DJ has a goal to visit all 50 states.  They only have one more state left… Hawaii.  Sounds fun.  Meanwhile, we went to San Antonio’s for dinner.  Lilli tried fried ice cream for the first time.  She loved it.
Two roomies.  Amanda and Wendy.  It’s been over 20 years.  Time flies fast!
Jennifer and Ray and Ben on Grandma’s porch swing.
Thursday is a blur too.  Once again, Lilli and I spent all day and into the evening at CET.  The stress in incredible!  So much to do… so little time… so little skilled helped.  The politics is crazy.  This is the main reason I never went or will ever go into education.  It is too hard to keep everyone happy!  After CET classes, Lilli and I ran around gather wood and props and returned to the school for the work party.  Work parties have about 20 adults and family members of CET students who all come to help.  Some have skills, but most don’t.  It is hard to come up with a job for every person when some refuse to do what needs done, or they are no good at what you ask them to do.  It’s also hard to manage people that want to change what others have done and then to smooth over hurt feelings after work is redone.  Then there are the directors that change their mind every 10 minutes and often don’t even tell you that they cut a set piece until after people have spent hour building it.  GAH!  At least my boss sees my pain and supports me in what I am trying to do.  I hope these kids forgive me for my short comings.  sigh.
David and McKay on Grandma’s porch.
Friday was a long day.  Lots of politics… lots of stress… too much to do… feeling a little overwhelmed.  The brightest spot in the day was that my friend Jeff was home from Hawaii and brought me some stuff for me to barrow for CET production.  It was awesome to see a friendly and understanding face.  I always tease him that he is spoiled, but so am I.  It is rare to have such a great working relationship.  Anyway, I got home and taught a lesson, but then I wanted to be a vegetable.  I can’t even remember what I did.  I think I watched a movie.  Meanwhile, Chad and McKay have been fending for themselves.  Lilli is exhausted (in a good way) and Hannah seems to be having a blast at EFY.
Jennifer and Grandma on Grandma’s porch.
Saturday was a busy day.  John got up early and drove to Tacoma to get Hannah.  McKay went to work at Jamba Juice.  Chad mowed the lawn.  Lilli and I cleaned out the car and then I went to a RS activity to make some cool things for Christmas.  Around noon everyone congregated at home and loaded the car.  I had some meetings for CET, but the rest of the family, Ray, Kimber, Ben, Hannah, Chad, Lilli, McKay, and John all drove to Bend to see David and his kids, Anna and her kids, and Jen and her family for the rest of the weekend.  After my meetings, I enjoyed some quiet time.  I got lots of work done… tech schedules, e-mails answered, a great meeting with my kind boss, and some notes for my tech kids.  I also got some work done on Seminary.  I love Seminary.
Anna leaving.  I can’t remember how it started but it is tradition that we get a picture of each other pulling out after a visit.  LOL.
Sunday was quiet.  I slept in.  I rarely do that.  I think it was because no one was around making noise.  LOL.  Church was ok.  I do love Primary.  My friend Amanda makes it all worth it.  She is so funny.  Today her game was singing funny ways.  I almost peed myself listening to her sing like an opera star and a cowboy.  Very funny stuff.  Sure wish I had a video of that.  She is not only fun, but she is a great friend too.  I mentioned I was craving chocolate.  This afternoon she showed up with no bakes.  I love her!  I really don’t know who my VT is right now, but I will count her.
The kill
Meanwhile, the family is was still visiting family in Bend.  I missed out on the big stories, like My sister ran in a 10k race and got 3rd in her division.  My niece ran too and got 3rd in her division too.  My sister had a moth fly into her ear.  I guess the doctor got it out by shining a light in her ear.  Imagine that.  Moths are attracted to light.  This picture is the best story.  My niece, Sarah, “shot” it.  due to the nature of the story, I will have to divulge more later.  But trust me.  I will.
Ben on a road trip.
The family is now on the way home.  Ben is a good little traveler.  my quiet weekend in coming to an end.  Two more weeks of CET.  I hear those 2 weeks are quite the ride.  Guess I should rest up, buckle up, and hang on.

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