Family Friday

Week at the Boyack’s – Week 4 

Monday was a day full of CET. It is exhausting! Lilli, Hannah (Hannah came to CET to work on painting all day for me) and I left early and headed for Salem. I worked hard with the tech kids and we got so much done! Although there is still so much to do, we have made great progress. By the time it was time to head home, I wasn’t feeling to swell. Those darn cottonwood trees! I’m all stuffy and it’s settled in my ears. That causes vertigo. I barely made through teaching my classes and driving home. I took some decongestant and hoped it would stop. Nope. After I taught a couple voice lessons I still felt very yucky. Laying down made it worse, in a way. John was at a school board meeting. I just told the people at home to fend for themselves and went to bed at 7:30. When John got home, he and Ray gave me a blessing.
Meanwhile, McKay was a busy bee at home. She had pulled weeds in the front and had cleaned up the kitchen. I’ve been too busy to worry about the weeds… even if they drive me nuts.  Thanks McKay. Chad is trying to change his sleep cycle. It doesn’t appear to be working, but he’s trying. He also started working out with the cross country team. I think we’ve taken on a new sport.
Tuesday I awoke feeling ok. Not my best, but better than the night before. I am grateful for priesthood blessings and for miracles. I went to class and things were good until just before it was time to leave. I had to run a couple errands in Salem. At Wal-mart, the pharmacy said that Dramamine was the best for knocking down vertigo. I got some. I also took Benadryl and decongestant and some other allergy thing and was able to teach more voice lessons and make it through a work party. The work party got so many things done. I am hoping to have the park show done and out the door by the end of the week. Then I need the library show done. Meanwhile the main stage show is moving along.
I came home to a clean house! Thanks McKay. She had attacked the aftermath of everyone throwing all their belongings into the living room. It was such a relief to walk into the house and not step on something. I loaded up on drugs again and went to sleep.
This pony got a ride in the pareade
watching the parade on the S-curve
at the parade
at the parade
Lilli got a braclet at the fair in the park
Chad listened to his own music
dancing to the Shinkle Band in the park on the 4th
The drugs knocked me out good. I didn’t wake up until 8:45 and missed the traditional flag raising completely. Oops.  Then it was time to get some lunch together and find a spot on the parade route. The trouble is, none of my kids are really interested in family things…. Well neither is John. Chad and Hannah went with the Jessops to visit Michael in the hospital and the sat by us for the parade, then they went off on their own to see the booths and stuff around town. Kimber and Ray sat by us for the parade and then did their own thing for the rest of the day. McKay sat by us for  the parade and then worked until 9 at Jamba Juice. Lilli had a little down time before heading to the park to play. John went out and did yard work. He isn’t really interested in all the festivities. He only went to the parade because I guilted him into it.  After a few chores at home, I went to work in the park for the rest of the evening. John joined later and took tickets to earn money for the Senior all night party. McKay found us after work and watched the fireworks with us. Kimber and Ray and Ben sat up on the hill by the sound booth. Meanwhile, Lilli made a little friend named Scott who tried to teach her how to ride a unicycle all evening long. Chad and Hannah spent the evening with the Jessops. Sadly, Chad doesn’t want anything to do with his parents…. Except our money. Sigh.
finally got started with the paint for the library show
Hannah and megan almost have the park show finished with paint
John and a team of guys started attaching the walls to the set wagons
Thursday came too early! Lilli and I limped back to CET. I had planned to stay for the afternoon and paint, but I was too tired! Lilli came home and crashed. I wish I could have had a nap. Meanwhile, Chad got to work at the park and Hannah returned to CET to work on the set, after which I dropped her at the park to watch the movie in the park with Chad. Lilli’s CET choir performed at “Special Performances” at the end of the day. Funny…. I can still pick her out of crowd. Not that she was obnoxiously loud, just that I know my kids voice. Besides, she was one of the few that knew all the words and stayed in tune! Work party was successful. We are making good progress and soon will be done with one out of the 5 sets… four more to go. AHHHH!!!

Friday stared rather rough. We were all so tired and got up late. I was rushing Lillian out the door when I hit the stepping stone just off the porch and it flipped up. I went flying. I knew my ankle hurt… my arm was all scratched up… and my knees hurt. Lilli ran to get John and he helped me up and gave me ice before I drove away to CET. I taught most of the day without too much trouble, but after awhile, my foot was throbbing and I went to get some aspirin and more ice. As soon as CET was over I went to see Dr. Drew. He thought it was best that I get an e-ray. Then started the long afternoon of getting Kaiser Permanente to approve an x-ray. Let me tell you… I don’t need to wait for ObamaCare. I’m living the nightmare! Eventually, Kaiser got me in at the Salem Hospital Urgent Care Center where I get the x-ray and that doctor said I only have severe sprain in my ankle and in the muscles in the arch of my foot. Lilli and I limped home where I just laid low for the rest of the night with more ice and Ibuprofen. Meanwhile, McKay worked the park concert for me. Chad and Lilli hung out at home and watch movies. And Hannah went to the concert in the park.

Saturday I laid around all day while John worked hard in the yard and getting the laundry monster under control. Chad wasn’t feeling well and laid in my bed all day. Hannah helped with chores and then joined McKay down at the park for the concert and the fireworks. McKay covered the sound at the park. Originally, I was going to do that, but she could use the money and my foot needed to be in the air on ice. Lilli cleaned her room and then got to play with Josie for the afternoon.

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