Family Friday

The Week at the Boyack’s – week 3 

 Lilli and I started CET (Children’s Educational Theater) on Monday morning.  Lilli was super excited.  She couldn’t go to sleep until around 11.  She was up around 3 am fully dressed and ready to go.  I sent her back to bed.  She was up again at 6 and begged to get going all morning long.

After we got home from CET, John and I went to the HS to cut some wood.  John bought a new chop saw for the job.  Sadly, it was broken on the 2nd day of work parties at CET.
Lilli came along to help.
After awhile she got tired and layed down in a box on the shop floor to play “coffin”.  I think the long exciting day got to her.
Tuesday was “audition” day at CET.  Lilli will be in the 1st year show directed by Marian Scadden.  She is very excited.  They will perform on July 24 and/or 25th.
Wednesday was a long day.  CET started early for me with a tech class field trip fo make stuff at Pentacle Theater and ended with a work party where a few students and volunteer parents came to start the set.  These are a few of my students.
Thursday was more of the same…  but Hannah came home!!!  She spent last week at girl’s camp and then wasn’t home much longer than 30 minutes and went to Grandma Mabee’s house.  She helped Grandma and Grandpa do some work and earned a little cash.
She really is having an eventful summer.  It has barely started and she hasn’t been home much.  At least she is always in a good mood!

I think she likes camp best for the friends!

She’s earned her nick-name “Little Nuts”  LOL!

But she could use some manners!  LOL.  I found this picture on the camera from camp and had to laugh!
Around 1pm, Lilli and I met Granda Mabee, Kimber, Hannah, and McKay in downtown Salem to try on wedding dresses.  We were successful in finding a style McKay likes.    Now we are on the hunt for a dress that is affordable.    Then we went to the dentist with Hannah.
After we dropped off Kimber, Hannah , Lilli and I went back to CET for work party night.  John met us there.  We got a lot of work done, but we have a lot more to go.  bt the time I got to Friday I was so tired!  I came home after CET and vegged out.  I did go over to the HS and helped my friend Jeff with a cd before I turned over the key I had.  Then I went back to vegging out.    John got me a smart phone.  Sadly, it is smarter than me but not smarter than Lilli.  LOL  She has been playing Ray’s new game.  Ray made a game app. for smart phones.  Everyone needs to check it out.  It is going toward supporting their little family.  Please buy his game for a $1.  It is affordable and it is going to a good cause!
Saturday I lost my motivation.  The cottonwood trees have knocked me on my butt.  I’m wheezing and stuffy and I’ve lost my voice.  I mostly sat around all day.  It was great!  I did go out and shop for stuff for CET.  Meanwhile, John puttered around the yard in the rain.  McKay went to work.  She does that a lot.  Chad stayed up all night and into today hoping to change his sleep cycle.  He finally gave up around 5 pm today.  His sleep is pretty messed up.  Kimber and Ben came to visit.  and Hannah went to the temple.  It really has been a long week.  I wonder if I’ll make it to the end of July.
Originally posted 30th June 2012 by Wendy Boyack on Resigning as the General Manager of the Universe powered by Blogger.

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