Family Friday

The Week at the Boyacks – Week 7 

Monday Started on a run.  We were beginning week 5 at CET.   Lillian was tired, but she was ready for what was ahead in the week.  Me?  Not so much.

After all, I knew I had 6 day of 12-16 hour days ahead.  I knew I needed to get to more shows up and performing and then struck an in storage before the end of the week.  I knew I had a hallway to scrub, a storage room to clean and organised, and what seemed like a million things to do and no time to do it.
Once we got to CET I helped load up the Library Show, 12 Resourceful Princesses and set it up at the library.  There were a couple issues with the lights.  First, the library only uses Par can instruments.  They use odd colors… dark amber and purple.  The sound wasn’t able to hook up the iPod we needed to use.  I ran back to the school and Tony decided HE needed to go to the store for a new cable.  I figured out on our walk to the library with 200 kids that he really just wanted to get out of the walk.  LOL
At first, the walk was ok.  but my ankle started to hurt me.  For some reason I decided that my sprained ankle was all better and didn’t wear my brace.  I was really limping by the time I walked the mile and a half to the library.  We watched the dress rehearsal of the show.  It was a bit longer than expected.  It is supposed to be about 30 minutes long.  but it turned out to be more like an hour and a half.  It also had a very political and liberal message that I don’t think the kids really understood.  My favorite was when the witch said she was going to eat Hansel and Gretel because she was a laid off teacher due to budget cuts.  For heaven sake!  At least the set looked cool.
After the show we walked, or rather, ran the kids back to CET so that parents could pick them up.  I stayed in Salem and worked on the musical.  That evening the Park play did a final performance in the auditorium in front of the curtain.  I didn’t get home until 10 because I put all the set pieces in storage.  It was easier then many people said it would be because John was kind enough to build a flat bay for me in the storage area.  The biggest problem was that you have to walk through the building and up and down a couple of stairwells to get to storage.  Most inconvenient.
Tuesday was a normal CET day, with the exception of the Midsummer Shows were performed for all of CET.  Lillian was in the Midsummer show.  Tony “designed” the set.  I can’t explain why he loves cardboard and black paint so much.  They also performed in the evening.  I missed this performance because I was managing my final work party of the season.  I had a list of small odds and ends to complete.  I had a great group of people there to help.  By the end of the night I was able say the Musical was finished.
Lillian’s show was written and directed by a sister in my stake, Marian Scaddan.  It was Just So, It Happened.  It combined the stories of how the elephant got it’s trunk and how the camel got it’s hump.  Lillian was a snake in the elephant story.  She was a cat in the camel story.  They used tunics as costumes.  The kids colored the characters themselves.  In the end, they got to keep them.
Lilli is definitely a girl with a million faces.  She was fun to watch.
Wednesday, the Midsummer shows performed again.  This time McKay, JennieLinn, Hannah, Sai, Kimber, Ray, Ben, John, and I all got to sit and watch her.  I was so grateful that it wasn’t too hot.  Their shows are on an outdoor theater space.  I really am not liking hot days.  Almost time to move to Alaska.
Lillian’s new little friend, Joseph was in a  different Midsummer play.  He did a fantastic job!
Joseph’s mom, Mary was the parent coordinator for my construction committee.  She was great!  She may be the only reason I will be able to return to CET.  Next summer is crazier than this one because I will be directing a play at Pentacle Theater.  Lillian and Joseph were cute.   They liked to play together while we worked on the set.  Robert, the program director, liked to tease Lilli about Joseph.  I tried to tell her if she didn’t react to the teasing he would stop.  She still doesn’t quite have the idea.  Maybe next year.
Meanwhile, Chad did a lot of sitting and watching tv all day.  At least Ben could keep him company.  He also went on a run everyday.  He is about 1/2 pound from his weight goal.
Thursday CET got to watch the musical.  It was a little rough.  After normal class time, I went to the library show because they broke a set piece.  I also had to move half the set to storage and the other half to the Broadway Coffee House.  I had to negotiate where to put the set.   They wanted me to leave it outside.  That just wouldn’t work.  Thankfully, the moving committee agreed to help me the next day to get it ready.  Meanwhile, there was a drama concerning a set of stairs.  A director wanted them, but they were already assigned to the traveling show.  She threw “a director’s fit” (I quote her exact description), and we ended up moving them all around town to accommodate everyone.  It was all accommodating except for me.
Thursday Night Music Man junior opened.  We didn’t have any technical difficulties.  That was nice.  I had a great tech crew.   Those kids worked hard!
So did some of my Tech Staff.  Dani (on the right) taught lights and sound and gave up her evenings to run the mics for the show.  She made my life so much easier!
Meanwhile, Chad kept the couch down.  LOL.
Friday, the whole family came to see the Music Man.  I can’t say they were too impressed.  At least they appreciated all my hard work.  I also put away all my supplies, cleaned the hall, including scrubbing paint off the walls and floor.  Tony was a little more messy then me.  His section of the hall was a mess!  I also brought the traveling show back from the Coffee house and put it all in storage.  After the Music Man my family stayed and helped me strike everything.  When we got home my computer said, “CET 16 hours” late.  Holy Cow!  I had worked a 16 hour day!
Saturday I got up early and met Jeff Witt at the High School to return everything I had borrowed from him.  Then I headed to a CET staff meeting.  Jeff warned me to be ready for most people to complain about Tech.  surprisingly, they did not,.  The only complaints were actually about the Midsummer show sets and Tony did all of them.   LOL.  Then we headed to the Historic Elsinore Theater for a walk through.  The Tech Director there didn’t seem thrilled to have us.  I had to sweet talk him just to get him to allow my tech kids to push play on a cd player.  Gah!
I got to spend a couple of hours at home before heading back to Salem for the final performance of CET.  All the classes performed a little something.  John and Hannah went to support Lillian.  She sang in the choir.  After the show I took all of the CET equipment back to storage and headed to the after party.  It sure is different to attend parties where people are drinking alcohol.  One person accidentally spilled white wine on me.  It is smelly.  How do they drink that?  Tons of people ask if I’d come back to CET.  I’m not sure.  I’m directing next summer.  But Robert says he will make it work.  LOL.

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