Family Friday

Week at the Boyacks – Week 33 

Monday came with a repair.  We haven’t even begun rehearsing with the set and already things are breaking.  It serves me right.  I should have checked the castors before the kids flipped the set.  I just didn’t take the time. While we were trying to paint the floor it got harder and harder to push the big set piece around.  Once I got on the floor I realized that 4 of the middle castors had fallen off.

Jeff and I crawled under the set while 20 kids held up the set and kept the set piece from crushing us.  Talk about trust. The rest of the week it all held up.  Thank heavens!  Of course, much of our time is consumed in rehearsals. The show opens soon.  There is so much work to do!

At least the set is functional and all that is left is to paint the floor, hang a few lights and set light cues.

I also tried harder to clean my house.  I clean it everyday and it never looks like I lift a finger.  This week I took a picture to prove that I actually get something done in my week.  Sadly, most of the people that live at my house don’t see the beauty of a clean house.

I also finished my set for Robert’s play – Seusical the Musical.  Lillian and I went to the school and she helped me put it all together.  I looks awesome!  Now I just need to collect the money and pay down some bills.

I spent all day Saturday working out sound issues at for the play.  I have to say it turned out to be the smoothest sound tech I’ve ever run.  The band could hear the actors and the actors could hear the band!  Sweet!  Everyone is happy. I tried something new and moved the sound board to the center of house.  It really should be run from in the house.  But I haven’t done it before because the auditorium is so new.  However, Saturday night I have to change it all for a surprise concert.  I had heard mentioned that a Gospel Choir was coming to perform, but no one had asked me to help out.  Then I learned that they had scheduled the performance on a tech day!  Hello!  What were they thinking?  I ask Jeff about it and he said that I shouldn’t worry because he made them schedule it for 7 pm… long after tech and that they didn’t need anything for us.  I was reading Facebook the next day and learned that it was to start at 5 – one hour after tech.  GRRR!  Tech finished and I realized everyone had disappeared and the choir was coming in and asking for all kinds of sound.  I struggled to carry all the equipment down the stairs while 30 people watched me.  All my sound levels were changed to accommodate the concert.  Hours of work were erased   By the end of the night I was very mad.  I can’t believe that selfish people a) don’t bother to ask for help and just assume I will make magic happen b) that people believe that sound tech is as easy as turning on a button and c) hours of work meant nothing.  Monday I had to start over with levels because nothing was as it was.  The singing was ok, but I’ve never been to a church service like that.  I really didn’t enjoy any of it because I was so mad about the situation.  Oh…. and then I learned the school decided one more sports banquet was more important than the spring play.  Even though the spring play has been on the calendar all year it was cancelled because of sports.  I have a few choice words for that, but none of them should be said in the presence of children.

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