Family Friday

Week at the Boyack’s – Week 32 

Most of this week was the same old thing everyday… school… work… teach lessons… Legally Blonde or Once Upon a Mattress rehearsals…That is until Friday!
 This week has been a ROYAL week.  Remember how I said Hannah was elected as the Freshman Princesses for Snowball?  Well, Friday there was a big assembly where she got to walk down the stairs to music and everything.  My phone camera isn’t the best so I didn’t get a picture of her walking down the stairs to Fix You by Exit 245.  Trust me.  She was a vision of poise as she glided down the stairs.  I wanted her to come down to Can’t Touch This by MC Hammer.  I was vetoed.
Noah bombed our picture.  He was at the assembly because he still hasn’t seen the light and is dating the same not-so-nice girl… also on court.
We are lucky to have Megan as an adopted family member and Princess expert.  Not only did she get elected to Princess duties in High School, but she was a Disney Princess!  She was super sweet and not only took Hannah shopping (I hate shopping and she was wiling to go shopping for Snowball stuff but for Hannah’s birthday present of a fancy non-Wal-Mart bra), she took on the task of helping Hannah with make-up and hair for the assembly… and later the Dance itself.
Saturday was spent on Once Upon a Mattress set.  It was a big painting day.  I had the girls use a temp-let and mark out all the bricks.
The the kids went crazy painting the base color for the bricks.  It was a paint by number kid of thing.
Most of the time I got comments about how it didn’t really match.
Don’t they trust me?  Meanwhile… the men put on a few guard rails, attached lights, and added a little bracing
Mostly, we all painted.  Eventually we added high-lights to all the bricks.
Per my tradition, the kids that worked the longest and the hardest got to have their names in the paint design.  somewhere in all these rocks are these kids names: Kaeli, Alexa, Zane, Hannah, Lilli, JaNay, and Katrina.  They stayed all day… for 9 am until well after 6 pm.  Actually, I think it was a way to get a “date” in for a couple of them.  They weren’t allowed to go to the dance together due to family feelings, but they could spend the day together if we were working on the set.  Works for me.  I got  help!
I’m excited about my torches that will even light up!
Before we left I even got the floor painted!
I even got to run up to the light board and try the set in a couple different light colors and looks.
I couldn’t be more pleased!  It looks completely different under different light.  It’s perfect for establishing different areas of the castle!
We also got to work on the human sized bird cage.
… and added the bed rails to the bed.  I’m not to excited to about how the establishments turned out, but I know that Jeff will help me with that.  Next Saturday is tech and I will get to focus on sound because the set is virtually done.  I just have to add the white squares for the parquet floor!
I also heard that my box made it to McKay and Myles.  Look!  He even likes his new tie!
Saturday night was the big dance.  After working on the set all day with me, Hannah cleaned up real nice…
Thanks to Megan.
Hannah went to the dance with Sai.
Megan even taught Hannah the REAL Princess poise… toe pointed and hands out.  LOL.  She’ll be extra ready for her role in Once Upon a Mattress.
Anyway, the girls had a great time.  They are pretty silly.  They wouldn’t get out of the car for dinner.  At first they had John drive around the parking lot while they couldn’t decide what to do.  Finally, he parked and got them Fro-Zone before they realized they could have dinner.  So he got them some Mexican food to eat in the car.  but they changed their mind while he was in the restaurant and decided to eat the Mexican food at the Tapasa house before going to the dance.  Hannah said the dance was fun… because she decided to have fun.  She danced around with her friends and had one slow dance with the Freshman Prince, Rex Omlid.
Sunday was Hannah’s birthday.  I made a cake from scratch.  Hannah said it was the best cake she ever had.  Chalk one up for me.  We also had Dinner in a Pumpkin   John forgot to ask what she wanted for her birthday dinner.  Lucky she likes that.  We also watched West Side Story because she wanted too.  Other than that turning 15 was nothing special… only a bra and the promise of new glasses for a presents.  We are lame.

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