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Week at the Boyack’s – Week 31 

2013-01-09_14.13.25BUSY WEEK!  First I mostly finished and delivered my set for Suesical the Musical Jr. to my friend, Robert.  He teaches at a charter school in Salem and is directing his 8th students for their semester project.  I still have to finish the “nest.”  At least the back drop, and eggs are good to go.  I think it performs the first week of February.  I guess I better get on finishing that nest.  🙂


An other big event of the week was Hannah was elected to Snowball court.  Kids from the school came and woke her up at midnight on Wednesday night.  Hannah doesn’t wake up easily.  They flipped on the light and Hannah pulled the blanket over her head and mumbled, “Go away Chad!”  Funny!  He wasn’t even in the room.  She didn’t even register that anything was happening until I said she had guests in her room.  The next morning she remembered that she was on Snowball court, but didn’t remember the conversations.  She was also bummed that she HAD to go to the dance now.  LOL.  What a goofy kid.  I got my friend Megan to take her shopping.  I really hate shopping.  Megan loves it.  The found a cute jacket to go with the dress she is borrowing from the Tapasa’s…. and a new “real” bra (for Hannah’s b-day).


I also spend four nights at rehearsal for Legally Blonde.  so much to do and so little time!  We are still working on music and choreography.  We won’t get to start blocking until next week.  Freaky when you remember that we move into the theater and start tech stuff in 5 weeks and we only have 12 hours of rehearsal a week.


This week Myles’ brother got married.  I hear that there was a little drama at the occasion and not everyone was nice.  Makes me sad… especially that someone as great as Myles was so stressed out.  I guess his dad was a bit wasted.  I can’t say I think his dad is nice sober… at least from my own personal introduction .. but it seems he is a mean drunk too.  At least there was some comic relief when they let the air out of his tires… to keep him safe.  McKay said they were being responsible adults.  I like this picture because I think it’s funny that McKay and Myles look more alike than Myles and his siblings!  LOL.  AND, doesn’t McKay look stunning?!


The next big event of the week was set construction.  I spent a couple hours on Friday working out some issues, but construction started bright and early.  I even left the drinking party fund raiser early so that I would be rested for Saturday.  We started by adding 4 feet to my flying wall.  I needed it make things fit with the platforms and stair we had.  I didn’t want to build more.  We dropped the wall and started adding the hardware to the flats.

The kids worked well this time.  We got tons done in no time at all.


Adding flats and weight to the arbor was a process.  we had to have the kids hang on the baton for extra weight while the flats were on the floor.  DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME.  LOL This is not my favorite option, but I had to do something.

The wall turned out GREAT!

Then we started the stairs and platforms for the castle structure.

My 4-sided piece is coming along.  Saturday we were able to skin it and begin painting the base coat.
Once the main stairs and platforms were in place, we started adding the top castle walls.


My favorite piece that was completed on Saturday was the stack of mattresses bed.  I had kids rip fabric to 8 inches…

We added bedding foam…

… and stapled the strips of fabric onto the walls.

The finished product looked awesome!
My final event of the nigh – week – was an Alumni concert featuring Patrick Page and Paige Davis.  They came to help earn money for a scholarship fund and to give the first ever, Monmouth/Independence First Artist Award to Patrick’s father, Robert Page.  Patrick has been in many Broadway shows including Beauty and the Beast (Lumiere) and The Lion King (Scar).  Paige is also a Broadway star.  They actually met in Beauty in the Beast (she was the feather duster).  Now she is on Trading Spaces.  At any rate… the show was entertaining with it’s Live From New York theme… but it was rough!
I am not the only person turning on and using equipment in the auditorium.  When I turned on the sound board nothing was working the way I left it last.  In fact, I could not hear well in the booth because I couldn’t get the monitors to work.  Thankfully, I was able to get mics to work by the end of the short rehearsal time.

I didn’t have a show order or the needs of each act.  I had no idea that Patrick and Paige were coming out between acts.  I had to create things as I went because I had no idea before we started rehearsal what was needed. I had ask for acts needs during planning meetings and never received that information.

I thought we would be able to test the computer video segments –  i.e. commercials before the rehearsal.  I had issues to work out to get sound.  The cable needed was missing and it turned out it was at someone’s house from Friday’s drinking event.

Between rehearsal and performances, Patrick and Paige switched mics.  When I thought I was turning on or off one it was the opposite… It took me a few tries to figure out what went wrong.

Many of my prearranged crew never showed up and the kids assigned to back stage left half way through the show leaving the poor girl on headset in a panic.  Thankfully, my family jumped in and helped and Jeff Prestler was willing to move stuff back stage.

The Light board was not responding to commands during rehearsal and it took me an hour to reboot it and get it worked out.  Once again…. I am not the only person pushing buttons.  GRRRR!

I know that these issued bothered you and that things did not go smoothly.  I have sent a letter of apology to Patrick and Paige and have taken responsibility for the rough outcome of the show.

I’d be happy to train others on the equipment (as this is also one of the critiques I received about the disaster).  However, each time that has been arranged no one has come (or been reliable).  Come on!  I can’t even get the Tech kids from the class to work a show!  I have to beg my own family!

Frankly, I’d like to see all these people with nothing nice to say do what I do.

I didn’t leave the school from 7 am until 10:30 pm.  I didn’t eat lunch or dinner.  I didn’t get to change clothes or even comb my hair.  I had to deal with fancy people like white trash and I was tired!  Besides!  TECH IS MORE THAN TURNING A SWITCH! OH!!!!! AND I DO IT ALL FOR FREE!  I am no longer paid to help.  I never did ask to be paid, although they gave me a little money here and there… and I do get a stidend on most theater productions… but $400 is not much for the time I put in.

Well… they might get the chance to do more.  I know I’m not going to graduation.  Good luck hearing all of that people.

I need to calm down.  Thanks for checking in.

Originally posted 15th January 2013 by Wendy Boyack on Resigning as the General Manager of the Universe powered by Blogger.



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