Family Friday

The Week at the Boyacks – Week 30 

The week began as a party… a New Year’s Eve party.  Lillian invited Josie over to have lunch and make cookies.  Lillian even bought the ingredients with her own money.  Josie brought the stuff she needed for her favorite cookies too.  They had a grand time making a mess in my kitchen.  They cleaned up… sort of.  Hannah was nice enough to help them and teach them the ropes in the kitchen.  They made three different kinds of cookie and got them ready to deliver in their secret adventures of the evening.

For lunch they made a spiecial home made mac and cheese with “oct-o-dogs”.  Lillian found the recipe in the cookbook.  All the little kids thought they were pretty fun.  It got me thinking that I might start having Lillian plan and make lunch at least once a week.  It’s a good skill to learn.  Plus, we will get more and more interesting lunches out of the deal.

After lunch and cookies, Lillian and Josie went in Lillian’s room and sewed dresses for their dolls.  They may also be budding fashions designers.  LOL.

After John got done with a couple chores he took them to “ditch” their gifts on unsuspecting receivers.  He caught this hilarious photo of the deed.  Although I convinced him NOT to put the picture on Facebook so that their secret could remain a secret, I will put it in my blog.  I can’t resist.  Their Ninja skills had to be documented.

Meanwhile, we were pretty boring for New Year’s.  John and I went to bed.  Hannah and Lilli stayed up for a little while, but they went to bed early too.  New Year’s day was going to be a BIG day.  Chad went to a YSA party in Eugene with JennieLinn, Jacob and Micheal.  He wasn’t that impressed (his usual attitude when he goes on a church activity), but he did get to rock climb and that seemed cool.

Early the next morning Ray and Kimber dropped off Ben and picked up my Suburban, Hannah and Lillian.  They all headed up the hill with the rest of the Jessops to ski at HooDoo.  This was Lilli’s first try.  We convinced her to try skiing rather than snowboarding.  It turned out she is a PRO.  She was out skiing her sisters before long and got off the bunny hill by the afternoon.  Hannah abandoned the snowboard for skis too.  It turns out that she likes skiing better too.  She was still pretty nervous.  One time she went up the lift with Kimber and Lilli.  Kimber hopped off and was feeling pretty pleased that she did so well getting off the lift.   Then she heard Lilli say, “Hannah!  What are you doing?!”  Hannah was still oon the chair lift and heading around the turn to go down the hill.  The worker guy stopped the lift, radioed down to the bottom and somehow got Hannah off.  Silly Girl.  After lunch, Kimber borrowed Yvonne’s skis and tried skiing too.  She liked it!  She may even turn in her snowboard for skis for furture slope adventures.

Meanwhile, Ben spent the day with me!  We played.  He ate paper.  We took a nap.  He is good a snuggling.  He chased dogs.  He trashed the movies.  But he wouldn’t eat food.  I guess he will only eat for Kimber.

He even made friends with his Grandpa John.  Up to now, Ben hasn’t paid any attention to John.

I think he likes him now because John took Ben on a road trip.  That’s right… the boys went to town!

This week Lillian made this sign and taped it to the wall next to my bedroom door.  It says, “Caution!  Tall people can hit their head.”  Of course it is written with all of Lillian’s creative spelling.  The pull up bar moved from my bathroom door to my bedroom door because Chad thought it would be more convenient.  meanwhile, Ray keep hitting his head… every time he walks into my room.  Lillian was trying to help.  LOL.  Ray didn’t see the humor… or the help.

Meanwhile, Wednesday and Thursday I sat around nursing a sore back and designing sets.  I also got a couple people to help me put away Christmas and clean up the attic.  That didn’t help the sore back at all.  This was a huge bummer because I had to work on the set on Friday and Saturday.

Friday, Hannah and I pack up all my NEW tools and toys and headed to Rickreall to buy all the lumber I thought I needed to build Once Upon A Mattress.  I only had 3 Saturdays to get this set up and functional before Tech!  I had some serious work to do.  A few kids showed up and I put them to work.  Hannah measured while I cut.  We were building 8 new flats designed to FLY!  I tried to get the rest of the kids to base coat the doorskin and to put legs on platforms so that I was ready for the next phase of construction.  After getting all the pieces cut, Hannah and Zane worked at putting them together.  The shop was a little messy so my friend Jeff moved the flat construction to the hallway.

I had Hannah call John at work and ask which size staples he packed for for me to use.  He said the large ones.  But they were having trouble going through the wood. I went over and turned up the air compressor.  Even with the compressor at full pressure the staples struggled to make it through the wood frames.  Finally, they were done with assembly and ready to staple on the skin.  OOPS!  We had stapled it to the floor!  Hannah couldn’t stop laughing.  Zane looked like he was going to hurl.  Jeff was cursing under his breathe.  I was amazed.  Jeff and I pried it all the floor with a metal ruler.  Little bits of tile were in bedded in the staples.  I turned down the compressor and we moved construction to the stage.  After we got 8 flats constructed we headed home.  I was sore, but I went to back to the HS to watch the Tapasa girls play a basketball game.  Sai can’t play right now.  She was injured.   But Mo did a great job and I had fun whooping for Mo’s hooping!

Saturday morning I stopped at my friend Julie’s for her to help my back problem.  She is a miracle worker with her Bowen Technique.  Then it was back to the HS for more set construction.  This time I had John and Scot to help… along with way too many lazy kids.  My main goal was to get the flying wall in the air so that the main stair structure could get into place.  I over planned.  first, the stain glass windows made with gel pieces took WAY TOO LONG!  Mostly because these kids really don’t know how to work.  At one time there was at least 15 kids working on them.  Meanwhile, the men started working on the moving piece for the set and the Princesses bed.

All this took FOREVER!  I think what frustrates me most is that it doesn’t matter how many drawings I do, how many times I explain something, or how prepared I tried to be everyone either doesn’t understand the instruction or feels the need to re-design my ideas.  Anyway, since the stain glass windows needed to be done before the wall flew we worked on pieces I wasn’t ready for.  Some kids work well.  A hand full of the kids painted, legged, cleaned up, took over the stained glass project, and the like.  I’d take their help any day.  So after 9 hours of work were finally ready to raise the wall.

We tied off the cables to the baton.

We secured the hardware at the bottom of the 16 foot flats.

We strung the cable through all the hardware.

We walked the flats up and walked the flats down as we balanced the counterweight system.

Sometimes it seemed a little sketchy.  Hannah freaked out.  I wasn’t worried.  I knew what I was doing.  Jeff knew what to do on the fly rail.  Everyone was following directions.  No worries.

At last it was balanced.  Then we had to level and secure the 16’x16′ flat.  There are still 4 stain glass windows to finish.  But they aren’t 16 feet in the air.

By the time we left I had spent 6 hours on Friday and 10 hours on Saturday and we had completed 8 flats constructed from scratch, all platforms legged and ready to be secured in place, the moving piece ready for stairs and facing, the hanging flat painted, 1 giant stain glass window, and the Princess’ 8.5 foot bed constructed and ready for paint.  Not quite what I wanted to get done, but many things done all the less.  So much more to do!

Now I have a cold.  I can’t stop sneezing and my throat is threatening to be sore and nose is plugged and runny.  At least my back doesn’t hurt any more!

Check in next week to see if we all survive.

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