Family Friday

Week at the Boyack’s – Week 29 

 Well… It’s been a nice relaxing week.  I didn’t even really take any pictures   We didn’t do much so why break out the camera?  Not to mention, my kids take my phone and run the battery down and the camera too!  Thankfully, Kimber had some battery to get a couple pictures of Christmas day.

First of all, we did get to keep a couple Christmas Eve traditions.  We were coming home from Bend after dark, but we had to stop at the Mickey Mouse House and give our friends the Aldreges a hug, pjs or not.  I think Chad was the only one wearing Jammies.

How can we not stop and see this house.  These guys do a great job showing the community the Spirit of Christmas.  Not only do they have lights and statues everywhere, they collect food and cash for the local food bank.  They are such a great example of true community spirit and the Christmas  spirit too!  Anyway, our tradition is to look at lights in jammies and have hot chocolate as we read the Christmas story.  We did it all backward this year.  After looking at the Mickey Mouse house we went home and I handed out the new pjs.  I didn’t even bother wrapping them.  We made Christmas Chili, ate, wrapped presents, and then John did a nice devotional style Christmas story reading.  I liked it this year.  He added a couple video from the church web site.  it was a nice touch.

 Hannah helped put out stockings and stuff.  Chad is a goofball and did P90X until well after midnight.  some how we still have Lillian believing in Santa…. still.  Silly Girl.  It’s not like I’m good at hiding things from her.  She just likes the illusion of how fun it is to believe.  I think she really does know the truth.  Meanwhile, McKay kept the family tradition and went to see some lights in New Mexico.  She saw a cool house that is timed to music.  She did have to wait a long time to see it though.  At least she was able to do some family traditions.  🙂

This year Kimber made us all new Christmas stockings.  She came over everyday and sewed them all month.  We would keep Ben busy.  They turned out so cute!  Thanks Kimber!  She also made hats for all the Jessops.  We helped.  It’s nice that she too, is keeping family traditions…. home made gifts.  Sadly, I didn’t really keep that tradition this year.  I made coats once.  John is the only one to wear his.  I’ve made pjs.. I guess they get used.  I’ve made hats… they are in a box… I made flannel shirts once and they all ended up at Goodwill.  So I wasn’t really in the spirit of making things this year.  I did make a couple pictures for the girls, and some chap stick and some funky rope bracelets for the girls at Homemaking.  But that was that.  Maybe next year I will feel like making something homemade again.

On Christmas morning Kimber, Ray and Ben arrived at 6 in the morning. They wanted to get to the Jessop’s house by 8am.  Jon was calling.  Kimber was the most excited.  She came running in and turned on the Christmas music.  Then she jumped on everyone and made them get up.  One by one people filed into the family room to open stockings.  There were many squeals of delight from Lillian.  Everyone else was pretty stoic. Chad realized that there was plenty of time to open presents before Jon called.  So the present opening commenced.  Ben didn’t get it at first.  Kimber had to help him.  After he ripped open his first toy he got distracted with playing and she had to help him some more.

Ben got some toys and some books, new jammies, and chocolate covered pretzels.

Kimber and Ray got a couple movies, a date night, a picture I made, Buns of Steel from Chad, and a cd of the Hobbit sound track.

WE sent a box to McKay and Myles.  Chad sent them an old BYU “man cave” light” and a Snow Day the movie.  Hannah sent them bread pans.  Kimber even made them stockings.  They send stuff to all of us too.  A picture (for John and I), fun bath things (for Lillian and Ben), socks (Hannah), finger-less gloves ( a big hit with Chad), and something for Kimber that I can’t remember.  Rats!

Chad was creative in his gift giving.  He thinks he is funny.  He gave Football for Dummies to John.  He hates when John asks questions during games.  He bought me Windex and dumped it out and put water and lavender in it and labeled it “The New Windex”. He is making fun of me.  Jokes on him.  I might have weird ways of helping him.  but he still comes to me when he hurts or doesn’t feel well.  He gave Hannah a funny hat and Lillian a Beavers shirt.

Chad got most things on his list.  He is spoiled.  John searched high and low and got a Game Cube and some old Mario games.  He also got a belt.  His pants won’t fall off now and some party pants.  I also found a Hottieboombalottie (a dumb movie he likes) and the new Batman movie for him.

Hannah got a new cute jacket, a temple calendar  a cool thing that plays Pandora, yoga pants, and stocking stuff.  She bought all her presents for others this year.

Lillian got an American Doll (sort of) with some clothes, some shoes, and a sewing machine for kids with some sewing projects.  She has already created some interesting outfits for her doll.  She made these cute little pictures out of foam and Popsicle sticks for everyone.  She did it all by herself – paid for it and created it.  Sadly, her siblings weren’t very nice about it.  I’m pretty sure I’ve seen them in the trash already.  I makes me sad that I haven’t been successful at teaching my kids to be gracious receivers.  sigh.

This year John got the “girlie” gifts and I got the “manly” gifts.  I got John books and a wok with a proper wooden spatula and potholders.  John got me a tool box on wheels and a tool belt of my own.  I was pretty happy about my gifts.  I can now go to build sets and I will have everything I need.  I can also come home to a yummy dinner prepared by John.  LOL.

In all I think everyone got some stuff they wanted.  They all seemed happy enough and content.

After presents were all open all the kids left and spent a couple hours at the Jessops.  They got to say hi to Jon over Skype and play around.  Meanwhile, John and I had a quiet morning at home.  We had Snow in Monmouth, our traditional fruit salad, for Breakfast and enjoyed my new Jason Bourne movie on the family room tv.  We don’t often get to watch that TV.  It is normally occupied by Chad’s games or football, or one of the girls watching Netflix.  We also started Chris mas Ham dinner.  Eventually, they all came back and we had a quiet afternoon.

The girls were going to go skiing with the Jessops the day after Christmas, but the weather was still nasty on the mountain.  They decided to go New Year’s Day instead.  In the spirit of the holiday, we decided to take everyone to see Les Miserables… Well, John didn’t think is was appropriate for Lillian so we got JennieLinn to come and sit with Lillian and Ben.  The rest of us went to the movies!  I wrote a blog about it.  A Masterpiece of Law vs. Grace .  You can read it for my full view of the movie.  I have to say we ALL LOVED IT!  I’ve seen it on stage (twice) and here in the movie.  I love the story presented both ways… for different reasons.  It is such a beautiful story!  I’d love to see it over and over.  I will definitely own this movie!  I also finished my blog about Sweeney Todd, Attend the Tale .  I love this show too.  I saw it a couple months back and started a blog and never finished it.  I think it took me all of Thursday to write those.  LOL.  At least Thursday was relaxing.  Everyone else slept in until noon and laid around all day.

I went to Portland to my acupuncture lady on Friday.  This time I had to void calcium for 24 hours.  That meant I got out of washing dishes!  I could like that… except no one else will do them and there was a HUGE pile later.  Rats.  Chad through a movie party into the wee hours of the night.  Then he did his P90X. That kid really needs to sleep at normal times.  it’s hard on the rest of us that would like to sleep!

I spent my Saturday getting ready for Legally Blonde rehearsals and cleaning up Christmas.  We even organised the attic.  John cleaned the tool side of the garage.  The kids helped a little, but they are taking full advantage of their vacation time.  when do parents get vacation.  Even on vacation parents work.  Where is the justice in that?

Oh well… I’d say we’ve had a great week.

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