Family Friday

Week at the Boyack’s – Week 28 

I suppose it is time to report on the events of last week.  I will save Christmas for a separate post.

Last week P90X ruled the family room.  Kimber would come over and do an hour dvd.  Then Chad would come home from school and the family room was once again a gym.  At the end of the day John would come home and do his dvd of the day.  My family room is beginning to smell like a gym. ewww.

Ben seemed to enjoy it.  He likes to crawl all over Kimber as she does the yoga or abs section.  It’s pretty funny.  Even the dogs like to “help.”  Although, they all fear Chad so no one goes in there when he is doing his workout.

I don’t get much exercise… with the exception of a couple walks.  With Christmas demands and the demands of all my kids I don’t even get 5 minutes to myself.  For example, here is one example of how my days go:

After seminary I head home to get Chad moving.  He doesn’t have Main Street (choir) early this morning, so he “needs” to sleep in.  I run Hannah to school by 1st period.  I come home in time to have Chad yelling and panicking because he can’t find his bow tie.  There is a choir thing today and he needs it.  I drive him to school for 2nd period and promise to find his tie.  I only had 40 minutes to find the tie before it was time to get Chad from 2nd period.  I called john.  It wasn’t in his car.  I called a friend that Chad had visited.  It wasn’t at their house.  I said a little prayer.  I continued to look.  It was no where   Then I went in his room and decided to look at the pile of choir clothes on his bed.  It was in his pant pocket.  I hopped in the car and ran back to get Chad.  He was relieved I found the tie… but not so happy about I found it in the pocket.  He swears he looked there and it wasn’t there.  It must have been the prayer.  🙂  I had a couple minutes before I needed to head to the HS to thank the tech theater class for helping me.  After I got home from that I ran chad back to the HS for his choir performance   I got home and help my friend with her musical number for Sunday.  Then it was back to the HS to get the kids after school.  I started dinner and did a load of dishes and laundry and then needed to head to the HS for a Holiday Band Concert.  But Chad needed to be at one more performance for the choir.  I convinced Hannah to go and start the concert while I dropped off Chad.  Back to the HS to finish the concert and then to the grocery store.  I got home and put away all the stuff.  I had trouble getting help from the family because they were all busy.  Everything I ask someone to help with was passed on to someone else. I needed my kitchen clean because seminary breakfast was the next day.  I needed to make crepes for breakfast.  I needed to get the Ensigns for my seminary presents.  I was tired.  It was late.  It was the last straw when Chad displayed his great disappointment that I forgot his protein powder.  I got in the car and went back to the store.  When I got back I was so frustrated that I just went to bed.  At least the kitchen was clean in the morning.

This is why I don’t get in exercise.

This week there was a trio of Christmas Concerts at the HS.  My friend Jeff went way out to decorate this year.  The auditorium was beautiful  He even got a giant wreath donated.  We hung it at the back of the shell.  It was beautiful.  I helped out with lighting and sound.  The concert was supper long…. too long!  This is the only concert of the year that combines choir and band at the HS.  I don’t know why we can’t be do these concerts separately like the JH.  It’s just a school thing I guess.

Hannah’s choir did pretty good considering this is only their second concert.  Hannah sang a solo.  She did a great job.  She cracked on the third note or so.  She said she was surprised at how loud it was.  Silly girl.  Mom controls that.  But she pulled it together and sounded amazing for the rest of the time.

Chad’s choir did many of their choir traditional songs… entering with candles singing the Little Drummer Boy, some classical pieces, and stuff.  Of course, they ended the concert singing Peace, Peace with Silent Night.  Chad even held hands with the girls around him.  He said they threatened him.  LOL.  He is a goofball.  In his Main Street choir they stuck with tradition too.  They ask alumni to join them for Jingle Bells and Santa Claus is Coming to Town..  I was a little sad that I didn’t get to see McKay join them.  sigh.

Anyway, our week was filled with the arts.  We are blessed to have these opportunities   Oh… and the show I am the Assistant Director for, Legally Blonde, got the final casting.  I am so pleased that all 3 of my voice students that auditioned were cast.  Two of them got leads!  I am so proud of their hard work.  They earned it.  I’m looking forward to working with them and with my friend Robert.  The last time we worked together was CET.  This will be fun.  He’s a tease.  This week I went to see him because I’m working on a set for his school.  Lilli got out of the car and said, “I used to think Robert was a jerk, but now he’s ok.”  I was trying to contain my laughter.  Out of the mouths of babes.  LOL.

This week we also had a hint of winter.  The forecasters were predicting snow.  John read a story by a local reporter about a sure way to get a snow day.  He told Lilli that the article claimed that you could get snow by morning if you wore your pj’s inside out, flushed 3 ice cubes down the toilet and slept with a spoon under your pillow.  Lilli did it.  In the morning there was snow!!!!  She was screaming and jumping up and down.  It was just a dusting, but it was enough to make her a believer.  It didn’t work out the next day.  But it did work out on our way to Bend on Sunday.  We were seeing the snow fly before Mill City.

What is normally a nice little 3 hour drive soon proved to be a much longer drive.  By the time we reached Detroit we were driving on snow covered roads.  The poor little snow plows couldn’t keep up.  Driving was very slow.  We have new tires and 4-wheel drive so we didn’t stop to chain up.  Most people were chaining up.  I read later that we were passing 106 inches of snow along the road side.  We are talking a lot of snow!  Driving was slow!  Just before dark we were approaching HooDoo.  Traffic came to a stand still.  We sat on the pass for over an hour.

We tried to figure out what was happening.  As the driver, I could see up the road.  I could see a State Trooper moving around with a shovel.  I could see a snow plow, but he was trapped in line like us.  The Trooper was moving snow and then a small line of cars would move past us toward the valley.  This continues for a long time.  We decided it had to be an avalanche.   We were right.  I found this picture on the internet that someone took of the avalanche just before we got there.  When we finally got moving we had to go very slowly.  A couple of semi-trucks had slid in the wait so we had to wait for that to be cleared too.  We finally made it to Bend long after exhausting drive in a car that got increasingly smaller.   but we were safe.

At least we were entertained at times.  Chad got a little silly.  Everyone ran the cell phone batteries to nothing playing games.  We listened to Pandora.  Hannah slept.  Ben giggled.  In fact, he complained the least of all the people in the car.  Most people really needed to pee by the time we got off the mountain.  LOL.

Grandma’s house had snow too!  Lilli thought is was great fun to play in the snow with her cousin Jordan in the snow.  He was such a good sport.  He took Chad to work out too.  Bronco and Carol and Bob sat around and we all visited.  It was fun to catch up with the Hollowell’s  It’s been a long time since we’ve seen them.  They look well.  They seem content.  I think that is a great blessing!  We had a great time.  And it was Carol’s birthday   We got to help with the birthday skit.  My mom is very silly.  We had a great dinner before we left and headed for home.
OH!  And Carol gave me my very own Pikle!  Her friend in St. George invented these cool little things.  This little thing saved McKay’s wedding – with a stain pen, safety pins, band-aids and wipes.  These will be the cool gifts in the future… well at least for my friends.  Check out the website!  inapikle.  I’m serious!  It’s cool!
Benn saw his first snow.  He liked it.  He’d stick his finger in the snow and lick it off, take a few steps and do it again.  He liked it… right up to when he fell in it.  LOL.  Silly baby.
Jordan took this picture.  It is one of the most beautiful pictures I’ve ever seen of my family home.  It brings back great memories.  Memories of magical Christmases.  Memories of moon-lit walks to the road where dad had to leave the car.  Great memories of a fire in a wood stove.  Now it’s time for a Merry Christmas and new magical memories.

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