Family Friday

Week at the Boyack’s- Week 27 

 This was a long week and a busy week.  The biggest thing we all did all week was P90X.  P90X became more than an exercise program.  It became family entertainment… mostly at John’s expense.  Poor guy.  He would be jumping around, working hard, and, ok, moaning through his pain, and the kids would sit on the couch and laugh.  I even caught this great picture as evidence of their insensitive reaction to John’s efforts to be a better person.  The joke is on them.  They are all exercising too.  They are all feeling the burn.

I’ve been going for an hour each day to help with the tech class at the high school.  In return, they are helping me with some of my projects.  I’ve been hired to make a set for Howard Street Middle School in Salem.  My friend Robert teaches there.  He is directing the 8th graders in his school in Suessical the Musical JR.  The complete set needs to be mobile.  The class helped me paint 6 flats.  I taught them the basics in painting technique and away they went.  I made it a competition to see who understood the methods the best.  Honestly, I love teaching and I HATE teaching.  These kids frustrate me.  I am surprised at how lazy they all are.  Why haven’t they learned to love learning.  They would prefer sitting around and wasting the hour.  Why?  They have the oppertunity to learn from a perfessional, someone who has been paid to light, build, paint, and create… FOR FREE.  I’m not going there everyday for my health  I’m going because I’d love to share what I know with kids that want to learn.  It’s bad enough that they disrespect my time, but they most certainly have little respect for their teacher – a man who is doing his best to teach them something of value.

Seriously!   There is something wrong with the direction education is going.  I can’t say it’s the teachers.  It’s not administrators.  I think the problem with education is students.  This is the generation of “Entitlement”.  These kids think everything should be easy.   They think that all things they want should be handed to them.  They think learning should be graded on a curve.  Really?  I can’t think of any job I’ve ever had that “graded” me on the curve.  I get paid what I contracted for and if I meet expectations.  We are doing a terrible service to students when we “make sure” that everyone passes.  At any rate, some of these students work hard.  some want to learn.  The majority could care less.  At least I got some help with painting this set.  They also learned how to control the brush, various brush strokes, scrubbing, paint mixing, and color theory.  They learned how to block out a grid on their surface and then to copy the design onto flats – or onto their canvas.

After Christmas break I will go in a couple times a week and work on the set for Once Upon a Mattress.  This set will require more than just paint.  We will be building flats and platforms and stairs.  There will be a backdrop to create and hang.  Students will learn about rigging when we hang the drop.  We will have 4 weeks to get that set up and ready.  We even have a crazy concert in the middle to complicate things.  I can’t say I will get a lot done with this lot.  But I will give it my best shot.  Meanwhile, flats are done being painted.  Now I just need to create a nest in a tree and 2 eggs for hatching.  So, I will continue going to class and attempting sharing information with students that could care less.  sigh.  I’d tell John to get the school board on the problem – apathy.  but he isn’t going to be on the school board much longer. Work and other obligations are taking up so much time.  something has to give.

A bright spot in our week is little Ben.  He has been coming over nearly every day so that Kimber can work on Christmas presents and P90X.  He toddles around the house and carries stuff from one room to an other.  His favorite pass time is to pull all the movies and dvds off the shelves.  He also loves the dogs… and love him.  They steal his treats and he pulls their ears.  It’s a beautiful arrangement.  LOL.  He sure loves his mom and dad.  It’s cute how he runs (sorta’) to Ray and hugs him when he gets back from wherever he has gone.  Ray just got a job driving bus.  That means he is gone more.  Ben has definitely noticed.

This is Ben’s first Christmas.  I thought for sure that we would need to put up a fence to save the tree.  Not so.  Ben just likes to look at the tree.  Kimber had to give him this bulb to get this picture.  LOL.  He likes to take things out of boxes.  Kimber has a few left over bulbs and Ben can spend hours putting them in and taking them out of a box.  I wonder what he will do on Christmas morning.  He really hasn’t noticed anything.  I think next Christmas will be far more exciting for him.  That’s ok.  Kimber’s excitement will do.  She is still like a little kid!  She makes me laugh.  She still wonders what is in every box that the UPS man brings.  She still is dropping hints for things she wants Santa to bring.  I hate to break it to her.  Santa was tapped out with two weddings in 2 years.  LOL.

Hannah is hardly ever home.  She has rehearsal nearly every day after school.  I hear rumors that she is doing a good job.  My sister friend Megan is the assistant director so I think the report is reliable.  I also think Hannah is having fun… even if she has to sing in her classical voice.  She claims doesn’t like to sing in her classical voice.  but let me tell you, she is getting good at that too!  I really think she will be unstoppable by the time she gets to college… especially if she keeps this work ethic up.  Now here is a kid that wants to learn.  Not only is she in a play, but she has taken on public school for the first time and is keeping up in seminary.

She is making more friends with this play too.  Some of the kids aren’t that nice.  They think they are something special and treat others poorly.  The remarkable thing is that it doesn’t phase Hannah.  She always has such a great little attitude.  I do believe she is the happiest person I have ever met.  Someday she could be working at the happiest place on earth.  LOL.  This week she was so cheerful and kind to an old man at the dentist office.  The man looked like he may have been burned or in a wreck. Half of his nose was missing.  He had a drop of snot on the end of his nose the whole time he chatted with her.  She just sat there and treated him like he was the most important man in the office.  What a good kid!  I know other kids that would have squirmed and tried their best to ignore the poor man.  Makes a mom proud.

Lillian is totally in the Christmas spirit.  That is a good thing.  Someone needs to keep me young.  She wants the tree and the lights and all the decorations.  She still believes in Santa and her excitement is exhausting.  Poor kid.  I’m old and boring.  I don’t want all the decorations out because I don’t want to put them all away later.  I don’t feel like Santa because I’m going to have to be creative to give presents.  The only thing that would make Lillian’s holiday better would be snow.  She keeps hoping.  She is spending a ton of time with her friends too.  I really don’t know how these last two kids got to be so social.  John and I are NOT social people.  Where did this come from?

Friday was a BIG day!  We got to see The Hobbit.  I thought that Kimber was going to explode, she was so excited.  I had purchased the tickets early.  We went an hour early to get in line.  Hannah said she didn’t feel well, but she didn’t want to waste my money.  About 20 minute in line, Hannah got a funny look on her face and ran to the bathroom.  She came back out and said that it would be best if she went home.  She had lost everything in her gut.  Ray was nice enough to run her home.  She confessed to Ray that she had drank some apple juice that had been sitting in the ASBEC room for several days. It tasted funny and made her mouth tingle.  What?  Why?  Silly girl.  I’d be happy to give her money or treats for after school.  She didn’t need to drink fermented apple juice at school.  Anyway, she missed the movie.  She made a few more deposits in the porcelain bank before heading to bed for the night.  She was so sick that she missed her rehearsal the next day.

Meanwhile, the rest of us watched The Hobbit.  I’d say that everyone, with the exception of Chad, enjoyed the movie.  It was a long one.  Still, I liked it.  Kimber couldn’t stop talking about how much she LOVED it.  Chad growled about how it disappointed him.  He wanted to see more real humans as the orcs.  He and Kimber got into it a bit.  I think it’s better to just agree to disagree.  Not every movie is for every person.  I’m looking forward to Les Miserable next week.  Now there is a movie I am dying to see!

Saturday was a busy day.  I went to auditions for Legally Blonde.  I am the assistant director.  Sadly, there were not very many men to come and try out.  We had to do some recruiting   But that always brings out drama.  Meanwhile, John did  the lights at the Stake Live Nativity.  I usually do it but I was too tired to deal with it.  He picked up my slack and had a great time.  Once again, there wasn’t enough help. He put up most of it by himself.  The event started before he was able to get everything to stay on.  It was also very stormy.  The wind blows hard up on the hill.  Rain was blowing sideways.  John wore his very fashionable rain suit… and it ripped.  so he got a little wet.

Still, I hear the event went well.  Around 1200 people came.  These are my seminary students being shepherds.  Hannah was signed up to be an angel, but she opted out since she felt sick all weekend long.  This is a great community event.  A fun tradition   But it sure is cold!

So… there is our week.  Maybe this week will be exciting and we will get snow!  But we will have concerts, more auditions, more sets, Christmas preparations, and family fun.

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