Family Friday

Week at the Boyack’s – Week 45 

 I was bad at taking pictures this week.  That doesn’t mean that we weren’t busy…

We had plenty to do.  On Monday I went to my first Pentacle director’s meeting because I’m auditioning Secret Garden in a couple weeks.  I knew most of what was discussed.  I am excited and nervous about this show.  Excited because I love to direct theater and nervous because I don’t want my first show to be flop.  In addition to the regular stress that comes with directing, I lost my vocal director and choreographer.  My friend Jeff is going to help with vocals.  And I got Kimber to agree to be the choreographer.  This will be good.  Still… not much time to get my act together now.

I’ve also been working on a set for my friend Robert.  After I spent 2 weeks helping at the high school tech theater class, I asked them to help me paint the set, while I taught them new paint techniques and strokes.  I have to say, if my kid wasn’t in the class and if their teacher wasn’t one of my best friends, I wouldn’t bother going down to the high school again.  These students are rude.  They really don’t want to learn.  They don’t value the opportunities that they have with the free educational system of this country.

On Friday, a couple of these students got under my skin.  They were complaining because I was trying to help them grade their set model assignments   While complaining they were bullying Hannah because she had put in a good effort with her model.  They even had the gall to insinuate that I did Hannah’s assignment for her.  When I called them on it, one girl whipped around and said something to the effect that I should have anything to say because I wasn’t a real teacher and shouldn’t be there.  That was it.  I lit into her.

These students are wasting my tax dollars.  They treat their teacher like crap.  They treat fellow students like crap.  They don’t do assignments   Yet they expect good grades.  They expect high paying jobs.  They expect privileges   I will not be giving any of those students recommendations.  I will not be recommending them for jobs ar the high school regarding rentals.  I will not be “teaching” them anything again.  I will finish my sets myself.  When my friend lets me use the shop at the school, I will go and paint by myself.  I hope their teacher lets them read the book.  They seem to think they will learn it better that way.  I can see that I am wasting my time, my education, and my experience on these students.  I will teach my kids.  I will allow students that want to learn to work with me.  However, class time may be done for this year.  These kids don’t deserve that wonderful space.  They don’t deserve the dedicated teacher they have.  And they certainly don’t deserve my time any more.  So, the rest of this set will be painted in my garage.

I’ve already started.  My friend John Hatch has built a couple of things for me in the garage already.  He built a screen for a dance Kimber is doing this week, and a giant easel for a giant book I need to make for my friend Robert’s play.

I will have to move the chickens out of my garage. They are getting bigger.  They are in the ugly, awkward stage of a chicken’s pathetic life.  They are starting to get their big girl feathers.  They will all look a little different this time.  This time around, John and Lilli picked all different breeds of chicken when they picked up the chicks.  My favorite is the one that looks like Cruella Devil.  Lilli named all the chickens, but she has changed the name of this chicken McKay because she misses McKay.  This chicken is funny.  Made that is why it should be called McKay.

See.  Doesn’t it have great hair?  It kind of looks like a character Hannah and I saw in a play this week.  LOL.  At least the chickens are entertaining.

Let’s see… what else happened this week?

I’ve been able to walk everyday with one friend or an other.

Hannah and I went to see Radium Girls at Pentacle theater.

I taught voice lessons… and school… and cleaned house… kept the troops fed.

We all worked on Chad’s project.  It is almost done.

Chad is working on banking the corners so that the trails will be good for racing.  We had a lot of dirt to move.

At one place, they discovered a paved road under the dirt.  Weird.  Who did that?

Chad and John sprayed the weeds a couple times.

John keeps getting poison oak.  We are not sure how.  I think it must be on his gloves, shoes, or clothes.

John went to work.

Chad and Lilli performed in the ward talent show.  Chad played the uke.  Lilli made up a tap dance on the spot.

Well, that about sums up the week.  Check in next week to see if we did anything else  more exciting.

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