Family Friday

Week at the Boyack’s – Week 46, 47, and 48 

So… I’ve been a bit behind.  I blame knives.  See… 2 weeks ago I had surgery to repair a hernia or two.  I couldn’t do much for myself.  I couldn’t really sit at a computer   I couldn’t get in bed by myself or out of bed.  I had to have help doing nearly everything.  Today, however, I got out of bed by myself.  I got dressed by myself.  Today I taught seminary and things went well.  Today, I’m going to see if I can handle writing a little and catching up.

I had to large hernias that were bothering me.  It took many months of fasting and prayer to get the courage to make an appointment and get the ball rolling.  John took the day of surgery off and sat in the lobby waiting.  My mom came and carted kids here and there and helped Lilli with school.  Kimber came over a ton and helped with all kinds of things. The surgery went a bit longer than planned.  The doctor found that more of my colon had slipped through than previously thought.  Still, I only spent one night in the hospital.

Sleeping was hard.  Nothing was comfortable.  I slept at least half the night in the easy chair.

Still not super comfortable.  I get to wear this girdle thing that is suppose to bind everything in so that the hernia area doesn’t fill with fluid.  If it does, then they would have to drain it.  That doesn’t sound fun.  So I wear this binder for 6 weeks.  It’s wearing sores on my skin… that and the medical tape.  They are nasty.

Being down for this surgery, I didn’t take many pictures.  I only got one of the days Hannah dressed up for Spirit week.  She found a way to do every funny day… Disney character day, Rock Star day, Fake Injury Day, and School Spirit Day.  Sadly, I am lame and didn’t capture any of the other moments.  Chad didn’t dress up at all.

Being under the weather, the kids needed to entertain themselves a little more.  Why do kids love a good box?  Even better question, why do parent bother spending money on toys?  A good box is usually a guarantee of more fun that an XBox.  LOL.

Ben and Kimber came over every day to help me.  Ben is a crack up.  He is developing an opinion on everything… what he likes to wear, where he likes to play, what he wants to eat…

One of the best things is watching him develop friendships.  Ben likes to look up to Case.  With the warm weather we have been having, they play outside every day… and enjoy a pop-cycle….

… playing in the rocks with balls and trucks….

… taking a nap in crazy positions…

… loving on the dogs….

… swimming in the dog water…

…. practicing yoga with mom… he’s got “dead man’s” pose down!

Meanwhile, Chad finished his Eagle Project.  All that is left is the paper work and the interview.  The missionaries were a great help.  Chad invited them to dinner and made them a healthy chicken salad.  He even convinced them to do his P90X workout with him.

Other favorite moments include sunscreen hair-dos… Lilli’s first softball game that no-one took a picture of… she went to bat 3 times and walked twice and fouled out once… she played outfield… her friends came to watch and made a “go team” poster… her team one by a land slide… Lilli went to registration for CET… It’s almost time!  John worked in the garden… still didn’t get the tomatoes in the ground… hope those 30 plants make it… Lilli mowed the back yard…

… we ate Mexican food for Cinco de Mayo… my friend Jeff came to help me get ready for auditions… my friends Shar and Alicen came to help Hannah make a giant book for a set I’m building… I was able to sit through one hour of church and Amy Earl was nice enough to do my Primary job… my garden flowers are beginning to bloom… friends are helping cart the kids around… Hannah was able to handle Mr. & Ms. Central with only a few glitches… I am grateful she is willing to step up and try… my friend Jeff would have been completely lost without her help… At least the event proves the point that the auditorium is really too big for one busy person to do everything all by themselves…  it’s been windy and Lilli has been flying kites in the field…

The last interesting thing in the last couple of weeks was the helicopter that landed in the field across from our house on Sunday.  I heard it fly over us.  It was loud.  But the sound continued.  I couldn’t believe that no one was investigating.  So I struggled out of my chair and walked out onto the front porch.    After I announced it was there, everyone jumped up to see.  A bunch of army guys got out.

So… there is the update.  A little boring since I’m moving through life in slow motion these days.  But, hey!  I am able to type in a chair now.  🙂 Until next time!

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