Family Friday

Week at the Boyack’s – Week 49 

Today is Mother’s Day.  When I was a kid, I’d make my mom breakfast and serve it up special on some kind of tray in her bed.  I’d try a little harder on chores and try to make the day a more pleasant day for a tired mom of 7 kids.  Today I didn’t make my mom breakfast in bed.  but I hope my dad did.  Today I didn’t get breakfast in bed.  In fact, I woke up and couldn’t find anyone.  I walked out of my room and this is what I found… all the furniture moved around… stuff everywhere… a dirty kitchen… and my project near done on the family room floor.

This morning wasn’t breakfast in bed, nor showers of gifts.  In fact, with no one in sight I served myself a bowl of cold cereal.  LOL.

But my messy house, my project in the family room, the mess in the yard… and the chickens moved to the yard so we can finally air out the garage are all reminders of my choice to be a mom and that today is a good day. (I do have to add that after church John came home and cleaned the kitchen for me).  It is a good day because I made it through a few hours of church… better than last week.  Dinner smell very good.  It is peaceful in my house today.

I miss McKay.  I miss her help and hard work around the house.  I miss that she likes to work with me in the garden.  This year my garden suffered.  It got warm fast and the weeds took of like a bat out of hell.  With surgery three weeks ago, I haven’t been able to get out and wage war on all the grass, and thorns growing in my veggie garden and throughout my flower beds.  Poor John hasn’t been able to make a dent either because all extra time has gone to Chad’s Eagle Project and Lillian’s softball games.  Anyway, we were trying, but not making progress.

But McKay had a plan.  She enlisted the help of Hannah and John and Sister Christy to make the veggie garden a reality.  I must admit, I’ve never cried at a gift… but I did this time.  McKay knew what I needed and too care of business.  She tried to get her siblings involved.  She got her dad to get the beds ready… and on Tuesday she got the YW over to my house to plant my veggies.  It was amazing.  Of course, everyone didn’t work equally, but I don’t care.  The garden is planted.

John spent the rest of the evenings in the week, and some time on Saturday  getting the hoses in and planting what didn’t get in on Tuesday night. We just have a few seeds left to go, but at this point we will be able to enjoy tomatoes, various squashes, peppers, cucumbers, melons, beans, peas, raspberries, and stuff. Hopefully, John can help me get in some spinach, carrots, lettuce, beets, and broccoli.  We didn’t get weed barrier in, so we will have to weed more.  Still… I am not garden-less.  Thanks McKay, John and Hannah…. and all the YW that helped.

Now I am just hoping my flower beds survive until I can get out there and get the weeds choking out my beautiful flowers.  My mom started but there is so much more to go.  John says that now that the veggies are in he will move to the front yard.  sure love spring.

The next great gift I received today was the gift of service from Hannah and my friend Shar, and today John.  Before surgery I started a set project for my friend Robert.  However, I wasn’t able to get my hands on materials until the afternoon before surgery.  Three weeks later, I still can’t lift stuff and I can’t get down on the ground… so Hannah and Shar saved my butt and finished my GIANT 8×8 foot book for Roberts set.

For the last three Saturdays they have dedicated hours to prepping, painting and detailing the pages of this monstrosity.  Yesterday was the longest.  We all started around 9… I had to leave to a meeting around 12:30… Shar stayed until 2… When I got back from my meeting at 5, Hannah was still working.  I did what I could to help (not much) and Hannah kept going.  At midnight we finished the last page.

I used wall stickers for decorations. I also used colored duct tape.  It was brilliant!  Not only did it look cool, it helped hold the whole thing together.  This book is heavy and the cardboard wasn’t going to hold up without extra help.

Hannah knew I needed to get this done because Robert’s show is this week.  She gave up going to see the choir compete at State to help me.  She even made herself sick, not eating and drinking enough throughout the day.

She even broke out the blow dryer to make it all dry faster so she could turn the page to paint it.  We started on the deck in the morning.  However, she had to move the furniture around in the afternoon to move the whole thing indoors.  It was so hot that the paint started to peal off the pages and the tape holding the thing together started to lift.

It finally cooled around 8 and we were able to move back to the deck… until midnight when we were tired and wanted it to dry… without the dew damaging it all.  Then this afternoon, John finished the giant easel that hold it up.  Later tonight he will help me deliver it.  And I will be able to let this project go and feel good that I made… with a little help from my friends… and amazing daughter!

Kimber and Ray and Ben stopped by.  They spent the day at the Jessops.  At least I got to kiss the cute little face of this little Super Hero.
He is always good for a giggle… even though he has developed an opinion… learned to scream at a high pitch and smack people to display his dis-satisfaction… and gets mad if anyone else touches or hugs his mom.

In other news.  Lilli played another game on Saturday.  Sadly, this game they lost.

She should have played a second game, but she left to take dance pictures.  Next week is the dance recital.  I guess next week won’t be a boring week.

Chad’s choir went to sing at State.  I heard recordings.  I think they did a great job.  They did rank 4th.  They were sad.  They shouldn’t be. They made a great effort.  This will be his last thing as a high school student.  Tomorrow he starts class at Chemeketa Community College. He will be getting his GED and then beginning a program to earn his diploma and an Associates Degree together.

but the biggest news of the week is that I’M FREE!  I no longer have to be the Chief Taxi Driver.  Chad passed the driving test and I can now ask him to go to the store or go get his sister or take his own self to any destination.  Ok… so it will be a little expensive, but it just may be worth the added cost.

So, this Mother’s Day wasn’t a typical Mother’s Day by any stretch of the imagination.  Today, my friend Fred posted on Facebook, “Ask not what your mother can do for you but what you can do to remind her that starting tomorrow it’s back to normal.”  Nothing like a healthy does of perspective.  Lol.  But I must say, this Mother’s Day has been nice… a peaceful home… veggies growing in the garden… chickens in the yard and not in the house… a cute little grandson… a project out the door… a new taxi driver…  in all, a great day.

Until next week…

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