Menu Monday – Still Waiting for Variety

So many people asking for recipes! I post my recipes on my Menu Monday posts. I will Reblog them on Sundays for those who may have missed them.

Resigning as the General Manager of the Universe

My life is still so fast paced that I haven’t been adventurous with food.  I haven’t even taken pictures of what I am eating.

I will do better this coming week.

Again, I ate veggies or a smoothie for breakfast.

Again, I had a salad or soup for lunch.

I made Asparagus and Sunny Side up Eggs over Grits


I made Hannah’s Roasted Tomato and Bell Pepper Soup


I made Wendy’s Cabbage Soup


I made Japanese Ramen Soup


My husband took me out for dinner on Saturday for my birthday.  We went to Mexican food and I got a Vegetarian Enchilada.  I remember to ask for no sour cream, but I forgot to ask for no cheese.  oops.  I have also been drinking Country Time homemade.  Not good.  I gained 5 pounds.  Water it is.

For my actual birthday we made Greek Hummus Pizza

Greek hummus pizza

Instead of cake my husband made 

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