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I am Still Alive

My life has been nuts!  I have not been able to blog.  however, I have kept the food under control and I have not fallen off the wagon… just so you all know.  No junk food… but not enough water.  I’m telling you, this life style is hard to keep up when you aren’t home to meal prep.  Thankfully, I have help.  My husband has stepped up to prep these past two weeks. He may not be on the band wagon all the way, but is willing to help me stay true to my goals.

For breakfasts these past two weeks I have had a smoothie or my usual onions, mushrooms and spinach.

For lunch I have been successful at enjoying a salad.  Don’t you love those colors?


Sometimes I would add some yummy Cabbage Soup!  Click here for the recipe.


Somewhere in there, I made Cucumber Tofu.  Click here for the recipe.  I always have left over these days, so this lasted a couple days.


I made a pumpkin soup… of sorts.  I didn’t like it much.  Neither did anyone else.  Won’t be trying that one again.


One night I roasted bell peppers, zucchini, and tomatoes.  Then I added humus to a tortilla, placed the grilled veggies on top and rolled it.  It was a decent wrap and a quick on-the-go meal.

cabbage and sausage

I made Wendy’s Kielbasa and Cabbage.  This is real good with a veggie sausage my local store sells in the vegetable section of the store.  Click here for the recipe.

egg flower soup

I found a recipe for a veggie Egg Drop Soup.  It had been awhile since I had consumed an egg.  my chickens are producing again, so I needed to use some eggs.  It wasn’t half bad.  I will probably try it again, but I will have to make a few notifications.  I’ll let you know when I get around to it.  Click here for the original recipe I tried.


I also made Healthy Instant Pot Re-fried Beans.  Again all these meals last me for several days.  Click here for the recipe.

Here is the deal.  I really haven’t had time to try new things or to try things I haven’t mastered.  I really haven’t had the time.  I did eat out twice.  Once I had a Veggie Burrito with no dairy from Muchas Gracias.  I also had a veggie burger with no dairy from Burgerville.  My weight continues to hold steady.  I still have over 100 pounds to go to get to that “healthy” weight.  I will probably need to try a “fast” or so all raw salads soon to jump start the loss again.  My body is just at it’s happy spot… a weight I have lived for most of my adult life.  I’d really like to get to my high school/ junior high weight.  I hear this is my “healthy” weight.  So there it is… I need a miracle.


2 thoughts on “I am Still Alive”

  1. I have a hard time eating healthy as I am always on the road. No time or place to prep. I didn’t even get to go home last weekend. I am proud of your efforts. It is so hard to stay on the wagon, especially if your weight loss has slowed down. I do carry around a jar of water with either lemon or a cinnamon stick. Try that for more water intake and both of those things will aid in anti-inflammatory and digestive track. More eggs. Try a soft boiled egg for breakfast with some grits. Maybe you need more calories in the morning to get your metabolism working for you. You look great and are feeling better about you, and it is contagious, all of your positive energy, and you are a joy to be around because you feel good.

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