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Resigning as the General Manager of the Universe

I have been living and breathing the story of Lion King over the past few months.  I had the honor of directing Lion King Jr at a local school.  I cherished the opportunity to bring to life one of my favorite stories… a story full of symbolism and meaning… a story that strengthens my faith.

While some may dismiss Disney’s masterwork, The Lion King, as a children’s story, they fail to see that, like most fairy-tales, it contains deep themes.   A couple of these themes truly stand out for me.  This is completely what the story says to me and really had no reflection on the people at Disney.

First, I’d like to suggest that the characters themselves are symbols in this story.  Even the meanings of their names in Swahili give us insight into this story.

Mufasa = Jesus

Rafiki = the Holy Ghost or prophets; means friend


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