Wake up call

Man! Still fighting this illness. Pay back for slipping up is no fun!

Resigning as the General Manager of the Universe

Okay.. Last week wasn’t the best in eating.  It’s not like I went crazy and ate a bag of M&M.  In fact, I didn’t eat sugar.  I didn’t drink soda.  I didn’t eat a steak.  I just didn’t eat the whole foods and veggies I normally do.  I didn’t take the time for a veggie based breakfast.  I didn’t take the time to make a salad for lunch.  I ate “out” a couple of times.  OH… and I didn’t take pictures of any of my foods.

You see, I was super busy with the close of my show.  I wasn’t home 2 Saturdays in a row to prep my week.  I wasn’t home at dinner time to make food.  As a result, I ate in an unhealthy vegetarian manner.  Crackers… some cheese… a piece of cheese pizza… a veggie burrito that someone brought me and forgot to take off the…

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