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Trying Something New to Get Ogg This Stale Mate

This past week I tried “intermittant fasting.” I went with the 16:8 theory for this first time trying out this new craze. You may be asking, “why do this now?” Well… I’ve been in a rut. My health progress has been stale. I’ve been hoovering at the same weight for about 3 months. I was so excited abouot the weight loss I had when I first started being a “nutritionarian” just over a year ago. Don’t get me wrong. I still see the wisdom in the choice and I don’t plan on doing anything different. I just felt like I needed to do something to jumpstart this next phase of health. My body is too comfortable at this weight. Going lower would be completely new for me. I haven’t weight less than my current weight in about 28 years. At any rate, I read the fasting book writen by Dr. Joel Fuhrman and thought I’d give adding fasting to my routine a try.

It really wasn’t too hard. Since I have changed my look at food, I am generally not “hungery.” I have found that if I am getting real nutrition my body doesn’t really crave things. I am also doing better at controlling “bored” eating and “emotional” eating. I’ve been listening to some meditation recordings everyday and I am beginning to see my attitude changing ever so slightly.

With this method of fasting I consume all my food I plan on eating within an 8 hour window. The rest of the 16 hours in a day I give my digestive system a break and allow it to really digest and rest from the stress of digesting. Well…. that is the theory. I also realised that I still needed to stick to the nutritionarian principles I had learned so far this past year when I “broke” that fast. So this week I have done better at eating salads.

Some times my salad is a fruit salad known as a smoothie. My smoothie has frozen fruits, chai tea, dandilion, super greens, and sometimes kifir.

Sometimes my salad really did look like a salad.

Dinners were more salads, or a homemade bean burrito. My daughter and I found a vegan Mac and cheese and tried it one night.

Over all I’d say my experience with 16:8 intermittent fasting was a success even if my weight didn’t really change. I will have to see what week 2 of this eating schedule brings me. I am really hoping to finally jump off this stale plateau and to be able to move toward healthier me again.

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