#bethelight – Day 163

Okay…. Today’s act of kindness isn’t something I did. Today Is about acts of kindness that prove God is there and answers prayers. This past weekend my daughter and her husband were able to bring home the little boy they are adopting. They travelled to Oklahoma with their 3 1/2 year old and their 1 1/2 year old to pick up this little boy. There are some challenges. The little guy needs extra help in many ways, from eating to dressing. He has many developmental challenges. My daughter and her awesome husband feel strongly that they need to offer this little guy a loving family. At any rate… come home was going well through the first leg of the journey. All of the children were handling things well and the parents were holding it together. However, the layover turned into many hours of waiting because the weather at their destination was not good. They were finally able to leave late in the evening which had them arriving after midnight with 2 small children and one child with disabilities in tow. We had all been praying for their safety. God heard our prayers. He sent angels. He sent angels who helped them load their carry on items of backpacks and car seats at the gate. He sent angels who had a wheel chair ready to go for their child with challenges. He sent angel in the two young men who offered to push the cart so that my daughter could considerate on an overtired emotional 3 year old and who also stood in the snow to load the car for them so that they could concentrate on the kids. He sent angels who kept them safe on difficult snowy roads for the hour+ drive home. And he sent angel in the form of the sweet kids that had cleaned the home form them to walk into. These small acts of kindness made a difficult situation a miraculous journey. You can bring light to others. You can make a difference. It really does take little effort and little time. Just be open to the opportunities before you. You will find ways to brighten someone’s day with kindness.

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