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Continuing My Quest For Better Health

I am really getting into this intermittent fasting thing. I am not seeing physical changes, but I am feeling better and I am sleeping much better! I read two books on fasting for better health. One was called The Scientific Approach to Intermittent Fasting by Dr. Micheal VanDerschelden. The other book was Fasting and Eating for Health by Dr. Joel Furhman. Both were very good books and gave me good things to think about as I continue on my quest for better health. I have also been successful in getting a 20-45 minute walk in 6 days a week. By the end of the week my hip flexor muscles are stiff and I waddle more than I walk, but at least I am making the effort… right?

Here is what I ate throughout the week:

Monday I ate a salad for lunch…

… and a pita sandwich with sprouts, vegan cheese, cucumbers, tomatoes and Dijon mustard, with a salad on the side.

On Tuesday I ate a salad for lunch with a couple crackers.

I made a yummy creamy leeks and Swiss chard egg thing for dinner.

On Wednesday I had a salad for lunch with a banana and an orange.

I was distracted on Wednesday evening and I burned the grain I was cooking for a tabouli type salad. I made it anyway and it turned out okay.

On Thursday I ate the rest of the tabouli salad for lunch.

I was by myself on Thursday evening so I ate a piece of toast and a salad for dinner.

I ate a salad for lunch on Friday.

I was on the road on Friday and at the mercy of the activity I was chaperoning so my dinner options were very limited. I decided to go with pita chips and hummus. It seemed the least unhealthy of the options I had.

I sautéed some mushrooms, onions and Bok Choy with some tofu for lunch.

It was Fast Sunday that weekend. I didn’t eat on Saturday night so that I could fast for religious reasons.

The next time I ate was 30 hours later. I had a salad.

And we made black bean and corn tostadas. They were yummy with mango salsa a.

IN all, I ate a ton of veggies. I could use not eating salad dressing. Sometimes I eat it because it is a part of the salad I am sharing with others. However, I do know that it is something I need to give up to truly follow Dr. Furhman’s eating plan. What can I say? I am a work in progress.

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