Menu Monday

Not the Wisest Choices

I am still unable to take a picture and record what I ate.  I have also found that a small lack in accountability has given me licence to “cheat.”  For example, we went to the Tillamook cheese factory and bought my daughter squeaky cheese.  I love squeaky cheese.  I ate some.  I did pay for it.  My guy hurts.  I didn’t plan for “on the road” food, so I ate some potato chips… they were plant based foods.  I paid for it.  My guy hurts.  I didn’t get to do meal planning over the weekend and thought I would be fine because I had veggies from the farmer’s market.  Last night, did I eat veggies?  No.  I ate pasta.  Plant based, but not the best choice.  I worked a long day.  I had only had one meal and got home hours past my window of 16:8.  I justified eating a meal.  I know it’s silly., but that camera was keeping me honest with myself.  I haven’t gone totally nuts and eaten sugar, soda, etc.  I just haven’t been making the wisest choices.  Thus, I am posting these pictures as a reminder to myself.


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