Menu Monday

Veggie Life on the Run

It’s been a good week of eating a plant based diet. The thing is, the garden, the farmer’s market and the farmer’s co-op makes it so easy! The only real complication is time… time to prepare and time to chew. It seriously takes more time to chew fresh, raw plants, then it does to chew breads, pastas, and even meats. It’s pretty cool how that works. However, my ultra-busy schedule does make eating plants a challenge when there is only a few minutes to actually get the business of eating done.

So here is what I ate this past week:

On Monday I enjoyed a salad, a veggie pita from the Pita Pit (I had to drive around doing errands and needed something I could hold in my hand and drive at the same time), garlic stuffed olives and a veggie burger on bread (I didn’t have a bun) with vegan cheese and veggies from my garden.

On Tuesday I enjoyed Lentils and Veggies in Peanut Sauce. I also had a large salad with some pickled veggies and a couple Ritz crackers with peanut butter. (It was a crazy busy day).

The foods I enjoyed on Wednesday included Lentils and Veggies in Peanut Sauce, (click here for the recipe). It doesn’t quite look like my usual recipe because I doubled the coconut milk and didn’t double the rest of the ingredients. I threw a bunch of berries from my garden, some spinach, and some chai tea in the blender for a yummy smoothie. I also had summer squash, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, and vegan sausage all sautéed together, and a Morningstar “chicken” patty with some toast for dinner.

On Thursday I enjoyed…

I had more of the Lentils with Veggies in Peanut Sauce, a smoothie with berries and spinach from the garden, and couple of crackers at lunch. For dinner, my friend brought me a Jamba Juice green smoothie with a shot of fresh squeezed ginger. When I got home I had a few broccoli tots.

On Friday I ate…

Fresh berries from the farmer’s market, a cheese sandwich made with vegan cheese, some cherries, and a salad. I did eat a couple of my daughter’s cheese pizza bites. It was a moment of weakness. LOL

On Saturday we went over the mountain to my parents house to celebrate the life of my grandma. Eating on the road is always tricky. However, I did fairly well… considering.

I was able to find enough veggies, salsa’s and a couple corn chips at the funeral dinner. I also enjoyed fam stand berries, cherries and a few grapes. Since we were driving down the highway at dinner time, we stopped and I got a plain bean burrito.

I prepepped some meals on Sunday.

I ate a salad with Marion berries, a couple of Ritz crackers with cream cheese, some cantaloupe, Eggplant at Gratin (I’ll post the recipe at a later date after I perfect it), and a smoothie my husband made out of some home canned gape juice, ice and a banana.

So… that was my week in eating. Not perfect. Not bad. I am actually pretty impressed that I have been able to keep this all up even with the crazy schedule I am keeping.

What did you eat this week?

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