#bethelight – Day 253 and 254

OMG!  The chaos has begun.  I am now in the longest 8 day week of my year.  Yesterday I swear I had a nervous break down… it was most likely pure exhaustion.  Through all the chaos, through every road block I hit, through every “fire” I put out, I tried to be kind.  However, the greatest kindness of the day was that my husband drove into Salem at 8:30 to help me when I didn’t have anyone else to help me when he really should have been doing his own job or sleeping.  He has had some long days too, trying to get ready for his next trip for work.  His “laundry” list of job tasks is never ending.  Yet, he could tell I had hit a wall and came to my rescue.  Lilli did too.  After I long day, with two amazing performances.  She helped me too.  She willingly ran up and down stairs for me when my ankles and knees were just not going to do it.  She helped me calculate my measurement when me brain was too fried to do simple math.  She even ran the saw and drills so we could all get done faster.  She didn’t do the typical teenager thing and sit on her phone while I finished my work day.  She worked.

Today I am exercising some self kindness.  I still have a huge list of things that should be done, but I decided I need some time to just be a “human.”  So, after watching Lilli’s performance in the park and parking the truck and trailer in the driveway, I am taking some time for me.  I’m doing a little writing.  I’m taking myself to the movies.  And tomorrow, I’m only doing the bare minimum for my job.  The rest of the day I’m going to do things I like.  I just need some time to be human.  Sometimes you just have to tell everything else to take a back seat because you need to slow down.

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